Samson Occom, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1769 July 1


abstractOccom writes that he has heard nothing of Joseph Johnson and that, for various reasons, he is unable to travel. He has heard that Wheelock's Mohawk and Oneida students are not returning, and he notes that Jewett is still bitter.

handwritingHandwriting is formal and clear.

paperSingle sheet is in good condition, with light staining, creasing and wear.


noteworthyAn editor, likely 19th-century, has added the note “of Jewett” in black ink below the trailer on one verso. This note has not been included in the transcription.

signatureThe signature is abbreviated.

EventsJewett Controversy

Revd Sir   
I receiv'd yours, after mr Bailey I  think his Name is, was here, enquiring ^after^ Jo Johnſon,—  I have heard nothing about him,— I have nothing to cary  one up into the wilderneſs neither Money nor Horſe, &  I have nothing to Leave with my Family to Live on —  and I have got a Lame Shoulder beſides, it Broke Since  I was at your Houſe, I have been Riding to Several  places of Indians lately, and I find riding hurts my  Shoulders more than any excerciſe, which diſcourages  me not a little — I heard your Mohawk and Onyda Boys  dont intend to Come back to School again, Sir William is  going to Set up a School for 'em — if Mr kirtland is come  home I wiſh he woud Come to See me,— I cant tell when I  Shall come to see you,— My Family is well by the goodneſs  of god, and the Indians there ^are^ well, but Religion Decays  and the Devil Reigns,— Mr Jewet I hear is as bitter againſt  me as ever, I wonder what ails that good bad man, I have  pickt up nothing againſt him — Pleaſe to ea^c^cept Grateful  reſpects, and pray for us — I am, Revd Sir
   your moſt obliged   and very Humble Servt    S: Occom
Rev.d Mr Occom's  July 1. 1769 
To   The Rev.d Dr Wheelock   at   Lebanon