Jacob Johnson, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1769 June 15


abstractJohnson writes about the prospect of war among the western nations of Indians.

handwritingSomewhat informal handwriting is largely clear and legible.

paperSingle sheet is in good condition, with light-to-moderate staining, creasing and wear. A good portion of the seal remains.


signatureThe signature is abbreviated.

  Rev. & Hon. 
Sir the state of my Family & my own very  Indifferent state of health has been & is the  Reaſon why I have not ſeen you ſir at Lebanon  e'er now My wife has been & is poerly & 2d  Daughter who is under the Drs Care My Negro  man & Chief ſtay in my outdoor buſsineſs  D[illegible][guess: i]yed laſt week after 9 days illneſs ſo that I am  left weak —- I have ſent 3 or 4 Letters to let you  know of theſe things —- I came as far as Newent  with my Daughter but coudnt come further  The Dr being at Preſton &c & I was obligd alſo to  be at Home —- And beſides as Mr Huntington  I ſuppoſe is gone for Oneida & Mr Kirtland I  will probably be down the Latter end of this Month  or begining of next I propoſe to ſee you then  if poſsible —- The Times look threatning at Home  & abroad —- our help is in God onely —- ſome great  overture seems to be near —- The Nation & Land  seems ripeing faſt for deſtruction —- if meer ſovereign  grace does not interpoſe —- It will likely be trouble­ ſome if not dangerous for The Miſsionaries among  The Indians this ſummer The ſix nations to be  ſure the oneidas expect war & we hear the  fereign Indians are muſtering for that purpoſe  about & beyond Detroit The quadruple alliance  carries an ominous aſſpect —- But our God can yea  we may be ſure will over-rule all for Zions good  & his own glory and that's enough to quiet our minds 
I am Yr &c J— Johnſon 
Pſ. I have ſir heard nothing from you either by  word or letter ſince I came thro' Lebanon — I  know not but my Letters &c have all Miſcarried  I ſuppoſe Mr Kinni didnt go ſo far as Lebanon  as I expected —- I hope ſir however you have heard  the Reaſons of my not comeing & ſo I reſt till  I ſee or hear from you ſir—- 
Rev.d Jacob Johnſon  June 15, 1769 
To  The Rev & Hon.d  Dr Eleaz.r Wheelock  Lebanon