Jacob Johnson, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1768 December 28


abstractJohnson avows that his conduct at the Fort Stanwix Congress was unimpeachable, that he has been working alongside Kirkland, and that he hopes to see Wheelock and report in-person on the Congress.

handwritingHandwriting is informal, yet mostly clear and legible.

paperLarge sheet folded in half to make four pages has been reinforced, which makes it difficult to gauge condition; it appears to be in good condition, with light staining, creasing and wear.

inkBlack ink is dimmed somewhat by the reinforcement.

noteworthy The trailer beneath the address on two verso is in Wheelock's hand; the other trailer is in an unknown hand. An unknown editor has added the note “Ind Mis” in pencil after the latter trailer. This note has not been included in transcription.

  Rev & hon Sr  
Your christian, & very kind Letter  (Dated Lebn Nov.r 21—) I received — For which, & all o‐ ther Tokens of your Friendship, I return you my  Sincere & hearty thanks — And pray the Bleſsings of  Heaven, may long rest on your Perſon, Family, and  school: And deſird ſucceſs accompany all your under‐ takings, to promote The Cauſe, & kingdom of Chriſt on  Earth — I have, ſir, done all within my power, to  promote, & set forward, this great, & glorious deſign, ſince  I came this way — As to what paſs’d at the Con‐ greſs relative herunto (either as to my Character  or Conduct) I deſire nothing more, I ask for no‐ thing more, nor indeed wish for any thing for than  more than to exhibit that proceſs, with the Facts, &  doings theron attendent, in their own proper Lights;  which (thanks to God) I am well able to do (without  boaſting) And at our next Interview, I will (if it plea^[below]ſe^  ^[left]God^) let you fully into that affair — and I doubt not  you will be satiſfied, I did every thing that was proper  to be done, or Indeed coud be done — As to any ill  Conſequences touching your selfe, ſir or, the Laboring 
Cauſe, I am by no means whatsoever ſufficent to pro‐ vide againſt ‘em; but muſt humbly, & meekly ſubmit  them to Him, who brings about all things according  to the Councel of his own will, & finally for his own glo‐ ry, & Zio’ns weal, & proſperity: and [illegible]will without all doubt,  or controverſie to me, iſſue the preſent dependent cauſe  (as far as it reſpects my character, or Conduct) to the ſame  happy, & glorious purpoſes: “For He will (ſooner or later) bring  forth my Judgment as the Light, & my Righteouſneſs as  the noon day” As to the Preſent ſituation — I am  here with Mr Kirkland moſt of the Time; Preparing, and  ripening things for action: and waiting a favorable  opportunity for embodying, & building up a ch-h here:  Tho I have not been favord with an Interpreter (onely oc‐ caſionally, & Providentially) which in ſome respects has  been a great diſadvantage to me, in others perhaps an  advantage, for it has put me the ^more^ upon ſtudeing their  Language, cuſtoms &c and perhaps, I ſhall be able to  speak to them in their own Languge, before I leave  them; Tho’ I expect an Interpreter next week, and  hope to regain, & if poſsible, more than regain my  seemingly loſt Time — [illegible]Upon receiving your laſt  letter, I felt much concernd, leſt you ſir ſhoud think  unprob hard of me, thro’ ſome innuendo’s, or falſe ſuggeſtions —
From some quarter an-other — and tho’t whether  it might not (on the whole) be beſt to come  down to New Engd and ſatiſfie your mind, ſir in  theſe things; but conſulting, & adviſeing with Mr K–d,  He thinks it will by no means do at this Time.  Mr Kirtland will write to you alſo — and you ſir  will pleaſe to give me your mind farther upon  the return of Dn Thomas — I am ſir as Clay in  the hands of the great Potter — I have no cla[illegible]im upon  The Deity, But for chriſts ſake; & none upon you ſir  but in Chriſt, & for his ſake, & the cauſe of his Kingdom, &  glory: To which (Tho’ unworthy) I ſubmit myſelfe;  & am ſir, with great eſteem, & hearty affection  & brotherly Frindship,
yours in all things —   Jacob Johnſon 
To Dr Eleazr Wheelock  Lebanon
NB. I was going to have given you a view of the  state & proceſs of ye Congreſs in writeing but per‐ haps it may be better to do it by a perſonal  Repreſentation at a private Interview —  If it be the will of God I return to ſee you ſr
Rev.d Jacob Johnſon’s  Decemb.r 28. 1768
To the Rev & hon.d  Dr Eleazer Wheelock  Preſident of the Indian Charity —  school at Lebanon Con.t N. Eng.d   From M.r Johnſon Miſsionary By Dn Thomas.