Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to John Thornton, 1768 December 23



abstractWheelock writes that he advanced Occom money before being informed that the Trust in England had given him an allowance. He proposes that Occom’s “sails were too high” during his tour of Great Britain, but that he seems to be humbling.

handwritingHandwriting is informal, yet mostly clear and legible. The trailer is in an unknown hand.

paperSingle sheet is in good condition, with light creasing, staining and wear.

inkBrown-black ink bleeds through the paper slightly.

noteworthyWhen Wheelock mentions the Messrs. Lathrop, he is referring to Daniel Lathrop and Joshua Lathrop. The contents of this letter are similar to those of 768475. This document is possibly a draft.

EventsFundraising Tour of Great Britain

On ſight of M.r Keens Order by, & in Fav.r of M.r Occom, I drew on Meſsrs Lathrops in his Fav.r for the money before I knew that he had received of the Truſt in England an allowance for the Support of his Family in his Abſence. he had received the money and diſposed of it all, before Doctr Whitaker arrived and informd me of the True State of the Affair. and there is no way to get it of him ‘till it can be taken out in preaching. I paid upwards of £70 sterlg for his Family, in his Abſence — His Sails were too high in his Tour & he wouldwas well [illegible]high overſett but God has ^mercifully I hope^ seen fit to take a ^[left]taken a^ courſe with him to recover him. he Seems to be humbling himſelf & walking softly — & I hope will yet bear a Zealous part in helping forward the Redeemers Cauſe among his ſavage Bretheren —
The Bills I have Drawn since the [illegible]acco.t which I herewith tranſ‐‐mitt a Bill in Fav.r of Meſsrs Lathrops for £200. Nov.r 8. and expect soon to draw anothr in Fav.r of M.r Brimmers ^soon^ for. £100. I have been as fprudent as I could — M.r Kirtlands Sickneſs and the Supply of his place has conſiderably augmented the ſum. I am with much affection & Eſteem, worſhipful Sir.
Your obedient & very Humble Servant Eleazar Wheelock
To Esq.r Thornton Dec.r 23.d 1768