Jacob Johnson, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1768 October 17


abstractJohnson writes with news about the Congress at Fort Stanwix.

handwritingHandwriting is informal yet mostly legible. Johnson frequently neglects to pick up his pen between words. The trailer that is cut off by a tear in the paper is in Wheelock's hand; the other is in an unknown hand.

paperLarge sheet folded in half to make four pages is in good-to-fair condition, with light-to-moderate staining, creasing and wear. There is preservation work done on particularly worn areas.

inkBrown ink is faded in spots.

noteworthyManuscript 768576.1 appears to be an addition to this document.

Revd & Hond ſir 
I doubt not but you will be glad  to hear from the Congreſs — I have ſir Done every  thing I could both by Prayer Conſultation & applica‐  tion — I have conſulted Coll Buttler. —& others — I have  laid the Cauſe before ſir Wm Johnson perſonally and  by an addreſs in writeing ſubſcribd by Meſrs David  Avery & my ſelfe (For Dn Tho.s went Home not well)  A copy of which I encloſe which you will pleaſe to  preſerve (for I have no other copy, & the original  is in ſir W.ms poſseſion) I have oppertunity to con‐  verſe with the chief Gentn here as Governer Frank‐ lin of the Jerſie Govenr Penn Mr Peters of Philidelpa  & others many others — I coud be heartily glad you ſir  was here you woud be receivd moſt Honbly & affectionate  I can aſſure you your name is often mentiond with  a great deal of Reſpect by ſr Wm Johnſon Gov.r Frankd  & others — Govenr Penn is gone Home but before  He went I took an oppertunity to confer with Him  about ſetting up an Indn College on the ſuſquahanna  or ſome where there about He told me He had ſeen  Dr Whittaker & his Requeſt of a conſiderable Tract of Land  & that the affair was ſent Home to the Proprietors I aſk'd  Him if he tho't the Propoſals woud be granted He ſd He  tho't not — I aſkd Him if the Proprieters woud not  part with a tract of Land for that purpoſe He ſd He beliv'd  not as requeſted — will they ſd I upon any Terms He  ſd yes as they ſold it to others upon no other terms  reply'd I He anſwerd no He beliv'd not or to that  purpoſe — I aſk'd Him if the Proprieters woud 
not come to ſome agreement with the New Eng.d Purchacers  on the ſuſquahanna He ſd yes as they would with any other  Purchacers and upon no other Terms ſd I He anſwrd  no — . I confer'd with Mr Peters of Philadelpa  upon the ſubject — He thot great care ſhoud be taken to  chooſe ſuch a place to ſet up an Ind.n Academie as  might not intefere with any other public School or  occaſion diſcontent or envy or the Like leſt it Shoudnt  anſwer the deſign —and beſides He tho't few of the Indns  woud ever do for Miſsionaries that in genll it waſ not  worth while to do more for them than to learn them  to read & write & be induſtrious &c I confer'd ſir  william upon the ſame ſubject what His opinion was  about it— He tho't it a Laudable & very good deſign — I  aſkd Him where He tho't beſt to ſet up the School  His Excellency ſd He ſuppoſd that affair was ſent Home already  & determind — I infirm'd his Excellency It was now in agi‐ tation & preperation to be ſent — But I ſuppoſd not yet  gone — I aſkd Him where He tho't the moſt proper  place to ſet it — He reply'd he ſuppoſd in or near Alba‐ ny — I mentiond Penſylvania He ſd He ſuppoſd the  Proprieters woudn't part with their Lands for that pu[gap: tear][guess: rpose]  upon any other Terms than they woud to others  — I mentiond Kohoſs —He tho't that too much a one  ſide — I mention'd Pittfield — His Excelleny aſk'd if  they had any conſiderable of Lands &c for that pur‐  poſe — I told his Excelleny they woud ſubſcribe in  Lands & money a Thouſand pounds & more He ſmild &  made no reply onely that Coll Williams was propriet'r  there &&— upon laying the encloſd addreſs before  Him when He had read it he aſk'd me where I  woud have the Bounds of the Provines Reſtricted I told 
Here eſpecially at the Onoidas He ſd that was at the Indns  election whether they woud part with their Lands or no  At preſent He coudn't tell no more than I coud where  the Diviſion Lines woud run when all the chiefs were  come together He ſhoud know & not before — and  that He ſhoud be as tender of the Ind.ns Intreſt as I  or any other friend coud be to 'em — that twas eaſie for  deſigning men to get away their Land by inſinuateing  themſelves into their faver together with a few Gifts good  words &c that many too many had done it For the Indns  in genll valu'd not their Lands — & much were  paſsd betwixt Him & me alone — (which I have not time or  room to write for Paper is here ſo ſcarce that 12 ſheets  has Coſt me as much as 2 quire in New Engd & with great  difficulty I have got ſo much & uſd Halfe of it already)—  But ſd He viz ſir Wm upon the Concluſion he ſhoud  make open proclamation of the Doings of the Congreſs that  all might might know & in the mean Time that I  might have further opportunity to confer upon  theſe things — And ſir I muſt confeſs that ſir wm has  & does treat me & mankind in the moſt Handſome &  genteel manner Imaginable which has endeard Him to  me very much tho' He has no Grace yet has no ſmall  Share of lovely Humanity — But ſir on the whole  the ſituation of the Ind.ns with reſpect to there' Lands  is very tickliſh & doubtful — no leſs than 15 thou‐  ſand Pounds worth of goods & a vaſt deal of Proviſien  with 7 cheeſts of Gold & ſilver weighing not leſs than  a Barrel weight of Cyder or Peck each is ſent as a  Temptation with Rum wine & high Spirits propertiona^le^  if not to Exceed & [illegible] great numbers of adventuorers from 
all parts eſpecially Albany New York Penſylvn & virgina & many  beyond— And beſides tis tho't the King has a deſign to  make a large purchace of the natives for ſome pious  uſe — But this is kept as a ſecret which has not yet  tranſpird & known onely to a very few — I muſt leave you  as I am to gueſs in this matter what it portends but we  may be pretty ſure ſome thing to the ch-h of Engd or ſome  Dignatary — you will likely ſr have a more full  acct. & view of theſe things at the Cloſe of the Congreſs wch  I am apt to think will be about the Latter end of  next week it may be not before the week after 
I am yours in all Chriſtian Bonds &c &c   Jacob ws Johnson 
Pleaſe to forward  the Encloſed—   
from M.r J. Johnſo[gap: tear][guess: n] Rev.d Jacob Johnsons   Oct.r 17.th 1768.   
To  Dr Elear Wheelock  Connect New Engd  pr Abraham