Jacob Johnson, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1768 October 10


abstractJohnson writes that a number of wealthy men have come to the congress and are enticing the Indians into selling their lands. Johnson has been going among the Indians trying to keep them from selling.

handwritingInformal handwriting is occasionally difficult to decipher.

paperLarge sheet folded in half to make four pages is in good-to-fair condition, with moderate creasing, staining and wear.


signatureThe signature is abbreviated.

  — Sr 
I have been at Onoida Caſtle—nowhere—  —Have waited on ſr w.m & other gentlemen—  —of which I cannot now write— But onely  aſſure you that things are in a moſt critical  Scituation yea wear a very threatning aſpect  However Speciouſly coverd & conceald— the  Sum of the matter is—"that antecedent to aſcer‐  taining the Boundaries & Lines betwix the Indn  & British claims a number of Great & wealthy  Genteelmen from New York Penſylvania Jerſey &  Virginea Have brought a Great sum of Gold &  ſilver with numbers of Bat[illegible][guess: eaus][illegible][guess: oas] of Blankets &  other goods in order to decoy & prevail with the  Onoida & other Indns to ſell their Lands from  Fort ſtanwix to the Lakes Ontairo &c thence  in a Line down to the alleganey Ohio ſo down  to [illegible] or near to Fort Pitt &c the which if they  accompliſh as you sir muſt know the Principal  deſign or deſigns of this Project ſo muſt know what  will be the event as to your Schools & ^deſigns of^ prope‐  gation of the Gospel among the Ind^ns^— Being  Senſible of this (tho' kept as a profound Secret by  the Projectors & managers of it) we have more  privately conſulted the Two Caſtles of the onoidas 
in order to aprize them of this deſign & if poſsible to  fix them in an unchangible reſolution & determina‐  tion upon no conſideration to part with their  Lands but Hold them as their Birth Rights the  great Parent of all things has given them with all  ſhewing them the moſt dangerous conſequences &  with many arguments from fact as well as Reaſon  —But y[illegible]et after all we are not without a  great deal of fear the Ind.ns will be overcome  & made a ſacrifice to the ambition & avarice of  theſe great Head plotters & Heart Haters of the  Spread of the pure Gospel of Jeſus chriſt—upon  the a whole view of the Caſe & ſtate of things here  (a contract Specimen of which I have given) we  tho't beſt to ſend an expreſs to you ſr that you  may know what is doing & politically moveing  to be done that you may [illegible][guess: kn] lay it before  the great Counſeller as we have done in the beſt  manner we could & daily do— As alſo in ſuch a  a weighty & moſt concerning affair that you woud  if you think expedient Send your beſt adviſe  and that the Revd Mr kirtland would come up if his  health will admit & you think adviſable—all which  may poſsibly be done before the concluſion of  the Congreſs which will not likely be deſolvd  in 3 or 4 weeks from the date herof— 
I am ſr yrs in all things for Chriſts  ſake this Cauſe J. Johnſon   
P. S. Joſeph may ſtay with you (if you think  fit) till further adviſe we 
we may herafter give you an acc't of the  whole series of things but now onely  hint at them as they are as it were  in Embroyo— 
I Shall continue to wait on the Congreſs  & if oppertunity preſents send you further 
In the mean since we donot Speak of theſe  things openly or let any one know but  frieds [illegible][illegible] Jos. goes for New Engld—   oh pray! pray! pray!  as Mr Eliot Apoſtle to the Indns ſaid in a  Letter to–   
Rev.d Jacob Johnson's   Oct.r 10.th 1768.   
To  the Revd Dr   Eleaz.r Wheelock   Lebeanon—