Mary Secutor, letter to Eleazar Wheelock, 1768 July 28


abstractMary asks for permission to leave the school.

handwritingHandwriting is somewhat loose, yet formal and clear. Letter case with regard to the letter S is difficult to decipher.

paperSingle medium-sized sheet is in good condition, with light creasing, staining and wear.


  Rev.d & ever Hon.d Sir 
I am not incenſable  of my Obligation to ye Doctor for his Patarnel Cair over  me ever sence I have been ye School. my faults have  been overLook.d with tendenneſs when thay have deſervd  Severity— I am quite discouragd with my self.  ye longer I Stay in ye School ye wo^r^se I am [illegible] dont  think I Shall ever do any good to ye Cauſe: & it will  Cost a great deal to keepe me hear, w.h will be Spending  Money to no porpose. I have been more trouble to ye Docter  then all my mates. dont think I deſarve ye honour  of being in your School! if agreable to ye Docter I Should  be glad to leave the School next week & be no longer  a member of it   
   Hon.d Sir I [illegible]Would beg leave to   Subcribe my^Self^ Your   Humble Sert     Mary Secuter    To ye Revd mr  Eleazer Wheelock DD     
Molley Secuters July 28   1768