Nathan Clap, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1768 June 28


abstractClap confesses his sin, asks forgiveness, and asks to marry Mary Foey, Wheelock’s maid.

handwritingHandwriting is slanted and somewhat scrawling, yet largely clear and legible. Letter case is frequently difficult to decipher, especially with regard to the letter S. The trailer is in a different, unknown hand.

paperSingle small sheet is mostly in good condition, however a large portion of it is torn away, which results in a loss of text.

inkStrong black.

signatureDue to tear, the signature is missing.

Reve^re^nd & worthy Docter 
I do take this overtunity with  A great deal of humility acknwledgeing my se^lf^  not wothy of the Least favour from your honour,  whos ha[illegible][guess: s] [illegible] been so kind to my poor despised  brethren, & in perticucler to wards me — but as I  am made to see the power and dominion of sin  and and what a weak and frail thing man is  when Left to him Self — I must confeſs with sham  that I have sinned I have done foollishly and am  not worthy to be reconed into your famle [illegible]  to be treated as such — I hop I have h^e^ard the voice  of C^h^rist in sum meshure calling upon me as he did  unto the unconverted peter — Saton hath desire  to have you that he might sift you as wheat  but I have prayed for you that your faith fail  not, and when your are converted Strenhen your  brethe^r^n — I desire your prayers for me that I  might reform to live Soberly & be more watch‸ full dand prayerfull, against the delusions of my  sinful Lust, and that I may become a true  pennatatient — I humbly disire the Docters forgiv neſs and I do promas by[illegible] the gracs of god assesting  of me to repent and to reform to live to the praise 
[left]Nathan Claps  June 28. 1768
of his glory —I desire to submit and yeld my  self into the hands of the sovren will of god,  and as I am bro[illegible]ught to see what the powers  of Love will do, I do [illegible]com at Lest I desire to  come humbl and ask one pettion of your honour  beging your kind & honourable compassions upon  me — but how to ask you I no not o pray Sir,  forgive my egnorance and stupedy and ^pray Sir pleas to^ grant that  ^Ms^ Mary ^fo^e^y^ your maide might be given to me to  wife — or vanish me away from the School,  I never throught She would prev^e^iled with me  so much as to get my h^e^art, — but I hop it is all  ordered by gods holy Providence to keep me humb^l^  and as she has been exorting of me about the  things that narly consern ^m^y soul, I am filled  with wonder and amaisment to hear that I hophope  god put into her heart to Speak unto me to  awaken my Poor sinsick so^u^l —nevertheleſs  I desire to Submit and yeald my self under your  honourable fatherly correctsion if it is to van: ish me from the School I will go away and ac: knoledge it is no more than what I deserve  my hearts desire and Prayer to god is that all  things might be orderd for the Prayes of his own  Glory — I am grevd to think that I have greved  and disoner^e^d you So much pray Sir pleas to forgive  me — tho I Shall never for give my Self I wan­ nt to Say and writ agreat Deal but I must brak  of hear beging that god [illegible] would direct your  way be fore you and order what cornsirns me  in great mercy your afectonate Puple and very
^[right] Nathan Clap^