Poem, written by Levi Frisbie, in praise of Wheelock and the Grand Design, 1768 May 15


abstractLong verse in couplets praises Wheelock and his plan to christianize the Indians.

handwritingHandwriting is small and slanting, yet largely clear and legible.

paperLarge sheet folded in half to make four pages is in good condition, with light-to-moderate staining, creasing and wear.

inkBlack ink varies in intensity. There are some random ink dots and splatters.

noteworthyOn two recto, Frisbie quotes the Alexander Pope poem "Messiah." On two verso, an editor, possibly 19th-century, has added the (erroneous) note: "Probably David Macclure who graduated in 1769." This poem was enclosed with a brief letter of the same date (manuscript 768315.2), which is not included in the Occom Circle.

signatureThe document is unsigned.

To the Revd Docr Wheelock 
Most worthy Sir, with modesty & fear,  I crave the honour of your listening Ear,  To my weak Muſe who in her humble Ryme,  Attempts a Subject lofty and sublime:  Pardon the raſhneſs of my youthful Lays,  Whilst I would try to celebrate the praiſe,  Of your grand Scheme your great and noble Plan,  Well worthy of the moſt illustrious Man — . —
Sure bounteous Heaven inspird your pious Mind,  With fervent Love and pity to Mankind,  With generous Concern inflamd your Soul,  And movd your heart with Sorrow to condole,  The dismal Lot of thouſands of Mankind  Who under Satans Tyranny confind,  Bow to his Sceptre tremble at his nod,  Proſtrate and before him confeſs him God.
Thus Adams tawny Sons you saw [illegible]inslavd  You longd and wiſh'd and pray'd they might be sav'd  From hells black Tyrant and their piteous Caſe,  And made the subjects of triumphant Grace.  The Devil you beheld with stern Command,  Controul the Natives of this fertile Land;  That roaring Monster hideous feirce and fell,  Led Millions of theſe Ignorant Souls to Hell,
But God propitious movd you to contrive,  A glorious Scheme whereby he might deprive,  Satan of all his vaſsals and throw down  His hellish Kingdom and infernal Crown.  The Plan first laid was small in infant state  The means were slender tho' the End was great,  But the great God beholding from the Skies  Smild on th' attempt and bid it grow and riſe,  Or'e ruld it by his gracious Providence  His mighty Power becomes its strong Defence.  By Day he guards it and by night protects,  Bleſses its Intreſts its concerns directs:  It flouriſhes and blooms beneath his hands.  Its fame illustrious sounds to foreign Lands.  The Good, and wiſe adore its guardian Lord  And, Gold and Silver to its help afford,  Their pious hearts unite and all combine,  To for ward and up hold the grand Deſign.  As when the Aunt tuggs at his ponderous Load  and strives to bear it thro the narrow Road,  The neighbouring Train view from their humble Dome,  Run to his help and bring the Burden home.  So here your Friends with pleaſure, & surprize  behold your great and glorious Enterprize  Inflamd with Zeal for such a heavenly plan  with Joy afford it all the[illegible] help they can   
And pleaſd behold the Seminary riſe  Bleſs'd by the almighty Father of the Skies,
Old Satan saw and was with motive fill,d  The se^r^pent hiſs'd and the great Dragon yell,d  Fearing his Pow'r and kindgom would be loſt,  He marshals all his black infernal Hoſt  His Servants all with execrable Lies  Reproach the Author and his Enterprize  Mocking revile him with malicious Taunts,  "Ay, Gold he covets Money's all he wants,  "Cloak'd under this pretext, he craves an alms,  "He is a Priest, they all have itching Palms,  "Their greateſt care is how they may grow rich,  "So, blindly lead the blind into the Ditch.  "What will he christianize this savage Brood?  "He'd sooner much make Devils Sa^i^nts of God,  "What give him Money? I'll not give a groat,  "I'd rather give him Powder Guns and Shott  "I'd rather ravage all their B barbarous plains,  "And cut their throats, and daſh out all their Brains.
But God beholds old Satan and his Tools,  Laughs at their Rage, their Envy ridicules:  [illegible]Brings down their ^Pride^ their Malice he ristrains  And binds the Devil in his iron Chains  Satan is baff[illegible]led & his hoſts give way  The glorious Plan is wafted or'e the Sea  Its fame reſounds in Britains Proſperous Iſe  Her Sons rejoice and and all her Daughters smile  Her nobleſt Heros deign to patronize  The heavenly Scheme the glorious Enterprize  Great George who rules his Realm with mild command  Freely contributes with a liberal hand  Nor thinks it far beneath his Dignity  To look upon it with propitious Eye  While Peers and Peaſants immitate their Lord  Orphans, & Widows each their Mites afford.  All but the Devil and his Imps combine  To proſecute the great, and good Design  They bleſs the Lord with moſt exalted Lays  The noble Founder shares the second praiſe
And now great Sir review the small foundation,  Which firſt you laid; to what exalted Station,  Your School has roſe by the Almighty Smils.  And by your Labours, & unwearyd Toils.  NNo doubt your Soul rejoices in the Lord  And calmly reſts upon his glorious word  That he'll one day fullfull your great Deſire  Affect the End to which you moſt aſpire.  The great Jehovah,s been your constant Guide  Remov,d your fears, and all your wants supply.d  In spite of hell, and all infernal Arms,  your Institution stands amidst the Storms   
of Envy Malice Rage and Enmity.  As ponderous Rocks amidst the foaming sea  Break the Loud Billows when the Ocean raves,  And Scorns the Vengence of the Thret'ning waves.
Now pleas.d behold what bliſsfull Proſpects riſe  Gladden our hearts and bleſs our longing Eyes,  The Glorious Sun of righteouſneſs deſplays.  His genial Infl'ence his life-giving Rays  Begins t'illumine the benighted Part  of savage Lands, and bow their Stubborn hearts  To the Mieſiſiahs [illegible]mild, and gentle Sway;  Scatters the Gloom, and chaſes clouds away.  Shall not the gracious promiſe be fullfilld?  And the Immanuals Glory be reveald,  When Chriſt adorn'd with Light, and Righteouſneſs  Shall the moſt distant barberous Lands poſseſs,  Rule o're the Nations with auſpicious Power  Exalt his Saints his Foes in wrath devour.
Hail happy Day by antient Bards for^e^told  When heathen Nations shall with Joy behold  Freſh Roſes bloom, and sudden verdure riſe  Where the tall groves stand towering to the Skies  When barren Deſarts overgrown with wood,  Afford a peaceful Manſion for our God.  When Rocks shall triumph and the Mountains sing  The Flood rejoice and vales with Muſick ring.  As sang illuſtreous Pope of deathleſs fame  who tund his Anthem to Meſsiahs Name.  "When Lambs with wolves shall graze the verdant Mead  "And Boys on flowry Banks the Tygers lead  "The Steer, and Lyon at one Crib shall meet,  "And harmleſs Serpents lick the Pilgrims feet  In lofty Forreſts, Haunts of savage Beaſts,  Where Birds of prey build, up their artful Ne[illegible]ſts  Lilies shall spring; freſh verdure green appear,  And plenteous harveſts crown the smiling year.  Tall Ranks of Corn shall meet our wondering Eyes,  and fill our Joyful hearts with new suprize,  Magnific Temples Sacred to our God  adorn the Place where smoaky huts ^[illegible]^ late stood.  Soon may the Lord to this [illegible] glad Day give birth  and joy and gladneſs fill the extended Earth  May Grace and Glory spread from shore to shore  and savage barbarous yells be heard no more 
ye tawny Mortals leve your wild reſorts  Your dismal Powwows and your cruel Sports.  For bear to range the woods in queſt of Prey  your Arrows break, your weapons caſt away  Meſsiah woos you with his boundleſs Love,  yield to his Sceptre, and his Laws approve,  Give over all your necromantic Schemes  Delucive Viſions and fantaſtic Dreams,  Forbear to worſhip the black hoſts of Hell  Fell Rage, and Malice from your Minds expell  In stead of bloody songs, your voices raiſe  In heavenly Anthems & Meſsiahs Praiſe   
Thus the old Serpents Plots you shall confound  His tottering throne shall tumble to the Ground  His ruined Kingdom with Destruction fill'd  Shall force him with disgrace to quit the Feild.  Darkneſs and Clouds shall all be chaſ'd away  Gods glorious Truth and Grace their Light deſ[illegible][guess: pl]ay,  and fill your Souls with bright reſplendous Rays  And tune your Heart to sing eternal praiſe.  Such heart reviving Times such bliſsful years  Great Sir, will recompence your heavieſt Cares. 
Now may that God who rules unnumber'd Spheres  Attend propitious to your ardent praysers  Grant you the fervent wiſhes of your Soul  Extend his Truth divine from Pole to pole.  And when Cold Death shall cloſe your [illegible][guess: swim]ing Eyes  And your bleſs.d Soul triumphant mount the Skies,  May Heaven receive you with this Salutation,  Come favourite Soul poſseſs thy great Salvation.  With never ceaſing Songs come join our hoſt  And praiſe the Father, Son, & holy Ghoſt.  There may you see throned in eternal Light,  Each soul that by your Means hath shun.d the Spite  of Satan and his black infernal Race,  And gaind the Realms of everlaſting Bliſs.
[illegible]May every Savage you to Chriſt have won  Sparkle like Stars in your eternal Crown.  [illegible]Finis   
[right]A. Poem presented in a Letter  from Philo-muſaYale College  May 15.th 1768