David Crosby, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1768 March 12


abstractCrosby writes asking to be admitted to the school and expressing his desire to be useful.

handwritingFormal handwriting is clear and legible. The trailer is in an unknown hand.

paperLarge sheet folded in half to make four pages is in good-to-fair condition, with light-to-moderate staining, creasing and wear.


layoutThe first page of the letter is on one recto, but the second page is on two recto, not one verso.

Reverend & honour'd Doc.r 
The laſt time you was pleaſed to honour me  with yr compony in Your Stody. You was pleaſ'd to obſerve  that you alow'd yr Scholors, freequently to write to you, and  of Things indeferend, when Things of greater Importence   did not accru. By which meens as you ſaid, you [illegible]had the  Advantage of making Obſervations, uſeful to yourſelf, as  well as of gaining oppertunity to ſet them right in  their notions of Things. And although I may not as  yet claim the right of a Scholar, yet I muſt o[illegible]  oan, that the deſires I feel, [illegible][guess: and] hope I cheriſh,  and deſires I feel of being Sone time or other, ſo  to happy as to be taken ^into yr ſervis and^ under you care and —  protection, has moved me at this time to uſe a[illegible] Li‐ burty, which perhaps will not be granted. I do not meen   by this to ſugjeſt as though I thought that any Thing I could  write could be of Advantage to you, Yet as I know it is  in the goodneſs of your Nature to do good to all Men,  ſo I am incoureged to hope, that it may by ſome meens, or‐  other give you O^p^pertunity of doing good to me. and whatever  I have writ or may write, I beg you would correct as you  may ſee occaſion, but Indulgue me at this time with fling‐ ing myſelf a[illegible]t yr Feet and requeſting the Thing of you,  you was pleaſ,d to obſerve I ſtood in ſo much need of  viz. of being in yr Houſe & ſchool, to be made acquainted  with good Rules, & taught to follow good Examples, in order  thereby to be the better fitted for futer Uſefulneſs. I am ſo   
Blank page.
annimated ywith deſires of being made ſerviſable to God,  and uſeful to my fellow Men, the little time I may yet  hbe continued in Life, as that I am impatient of Delay  If you could ſee it in your wWay to let me come into  yr Famoly & ſerve with yr meeneſt ſervents, methinks  I ſhould count no ſerviſes to hard, nor nothing too dear  to [illegible]part with, to porches ſhuch a Faivour. If it ſhould  ſeem good to you ſir, to make uſe of ſhuch a Method in  order to be better aquainted with my Motives & ſincear  deſires & popoſes, I can aſſure you [illegible] there can be no Method  I can think of that ſo much falls in with my own  Inclination ofr for which I ſhould look on myſelf more  obligated to you. If it should ſeem good to you to make  tryal in this Way, as I obſerv'd: and after all you ſhould  ^[left]not^ think fit to imploy me in any ^futer ^ ſervisſs whereby [illegible]I  might make you amends for the Pains and trouble  I may give you, yet I hope thro' the bleſsing of a  kind Providence, and the ſmiles of Heaven on an honeſt  Induſtery, to be enabled to make you amends ſome o‐ ther way. But as I fear I have already been too preſuiming  I ſhall only add that I beg yr Prayers to Almighty  God for me, that I might be keept continualy in his  Love Fear, & ſerviſ. aAs alſo that I am,  Reverand Sir P   
In all [illegible]Reſpects & Obedience yours to ſerve    David Croſby  Lebanon March 12th}  1768} 
PS. I have porpoſe of adviſing with (ſo ſoon as Opertunity   ſhall ſerve) about putintg myſelf under yr Paſtorial care &  watch of this the Church   
David Crosby's  March 12[gap: stain][guess: th] 1768   
To the Reverend Doctor  Eleazer Wheelock  Paſtor of a Church  of Chriſt in Lebanon