Hannah Nonesuch, confession, 1768 March 11


abstractNonesuch confesses to drinking and rude conduct at a tavern.

handwritingHandwriting is possibly that of Bezaleel Woodward; it is formal and clear.

paperSingle small sheet is in good condition, with minimal staining, creasing and wear.

noteworthyThe contents of this document are similar to those of manuscript 768211.2.

signature"Hannah Nonsuch" is written in the same hand as the body of the letter. An “X” is indicated as “her mark.”

I We Hannah Nonesuch do with shame facedneſs acknowledge  that on the Evening of the 8..th Inst: I was ^(by ye enticement of Sarah Wiogs)^ guilty of being at  the tavern and tarrying there with a company of Indian  boys & girls, for (what is commonly called) a frolick. where  was much spiritous liquor drank, & much ^dancing &^ rude conduct  & in tarrying to an useaſonable time of night, with  much rude & vain company — all which conduct  I am fully sensable is much to the dishonour of god  & very prejudicial to the design ^& Reputation^ of this school & hurtful  to ^ye good of ^my own soul, & the souls of [illegible]my mates in the school  for which sinful & wicked conduct of mine I am h[illegible]eartily   sorrey, & desire to lie low in the dust & do now beg forgiv­ ­neſs of gGod, the Revd & worthy Doctor Wheelock, his family,  & school, and all whom I have hereby offended — and ^I^ do  promise that by the grace of god I will never offend  [illegible]by the like, or any other, ^mis-^-conduct for time to come — And  I desire & warn all my mates not to take occasion by  this misconduct of mine to commit the like or any other  Evil — 
Hannah X ^her ^ ^[below]mark^ Nonsuch 
Lebanon} Present {D.r Wheelock  March 11.th 1760} {B. Woodward 
Molley Secuter's and  Hannah Nonesuch's  Confeſsions March 11. 1768.