Hezekiah Calvin, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1767 November


abstractCalvin writes to Wheelock, asking him for permission to visit Mohegan for Thanksgiving.

handwritingHeavily slanted, yet clear and legible.

paperSmall sheet that is yellowed but in good condition. The left edge (one recto) appears to have been trimmed.

inkLight brown.

Reverend Sir   
With humble Submiſsion  I would ask this one favour of the Doctor  (ie) wether I[illegible][guess: it] might go to Mohegan to keep  Thanksgiving, if it is any ways consistant  with thine affairs, & if it is, I should be glad  Sir of thy approbabtion, But I should rather  go farther. becauſe I have received a Letter,  in which I was deſired to go me down their  & pay a short viſit to them, but I leave  all to the Doctor for to Direct in this  affair.
Sir   I am thine   unworthy Servant  Hezekiah Calvin 
From H. Calvin  Nov.r 1767   
To  the Revd  Mr Eleazer Wheelock D.D.  in  Lebanon