Tobias Shattock, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1767 November 30


abstractShattock writes that the Trustees appointed by the Rhode Island General Assembly have decided to sell enough of the Narragansetts’ land to pay their Sachem Ninegret’s debts. Fearing their ruin, the Narragansetts are sending Shattock to London to raise funds.

handwritingFormal handwriting is clear and legible. The handwriting is the same as on 765566.1, 767115.1, 767552, 767559, 767562.2, 767660.2, and possibly 767231 and 767251. It is likely that of Edward Deake, schoolmaster at Charlestown. It is occcasionally difficult to decipher whether superscript punctuations are periods or underlines.

paperLarge single sheet is in good condition, with light staining, creasing and wear.

inkBold black.

Rev d Dr,   
I receiv'd Yours of the Instant in Six days after date,  & shall Indeavour to send ye Boys according to your  desier. — When I shall return to my Study I can't tell at  preſent. The general Aſsembly, at their last Seſsions  appointed five Trustees, & past an Act, that there shall  be as much of our Land sold, as will remit y.e Sachems  debts, & cost of Conveyance, which in my apprehenſion  will ruin ye Tribe. — That our Tribe Inſists upon my go‐  ing to England for redreſs, & have furnish'd me with wri‐  tings for ye purpose; but whether we can raise money suf‐  ficient I can't tell: the want of that may prove a final  stop to us. If we can't raise it among ourſelves bettween  this & Spring, I'll try if my Friends abroad will com‐  miſerate our case; if not we must give ye point up.
I've Inform'd my Brethren, that you have so far commi‐  ſerated our Case as to say, that if we cou'd do no better  You wou'd Send our Caſe to ye Earl of Dartmouth Your‐  ſelf, which greatly won the affection of our People: yet they  chuse (if poſsible) to compleat their deſign with^out^ burdening  their Friends too much. — If we can do no more, we  Shall try to Secure what we are in poſsion of, & dispose  of ye Same, & Imbrace Sr William's offer. Since we have  had Incouragement from Gentlemen in other Govern‐  ments, ye Indians that Stands for ye Sachem rages dred‐  fully, especially mr Garret ('tis Strange that a man  Shou'd hate his friends!) however his Influance is  but small among us. — As I tho't 'twas best for Moley  to return, have advis'd her too, & Suppoſe She will. — Her be‐  havior has been commendable Since She has been down. 
[left]I told Charles's Father you tho't 'twas best for Charles to live with a good Farmer  a year or too, which Seem'd to affront them, that they wont send him again; not‐  withſtanding I told them he wou'd continue a member of ye School, & afterwards learn  a good Trade if it Suited him.
From, S.r Your Humble Servant.  Tobias Shattock 
From Tobias Shattock  Novr 1767   
To  the Revd Dr Wheelock  att  Lebanon