Phineas Dodge, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1767 November 3


abstractDodge writes regarding his trip to Oneida country, the danger from small pox, and a meeting with Sir William Johnson.

handwritingHandwriting is formal and clear.

paperWide sheet folded in half to make four pages is in good condition, with light-to-moderate creasing, yellowing and wear.


signatureDodge spells his name “Phinehas" rather than "Phineas."

layoutThe second page of the letter is on two recto, not one verso.

Rev.d and Hon.d Doc.t    
Thro the goodneſs of God we arrived  safe at this place laſt sater[illegible]day was a week Joyfully receved.   and moſt kindly welcom.d by ye Rev.d & very dear Mr   Kirtland we paſt ye smallpox with little danger by  going round Albany city it was at every houſe from  thence to Schenactady but thro a kind providence the  wind favour.d our paſing at every place whare the  infect.n was, till we came to schaenactady whare appeard ye   greateſt danger as the smoak of ye chimneys drove down  to the ground I apprehended it not prudence to paſs thro   the town enquir.d at ye firſt houſe for some by way  to paſs ye town was told we might likely croſe 3 miles  up ye River, not w.hout some difficulty, Johnſon was for  ventring thro but while I was conſidering what to do I coud   not but obſarve a freſh breaze yt carried all ye smoak direct­ -ly from this new way similar to w.t we had before experin.d   which plainly intimated that providence pointed that way.  Which we pursue.d without much trouble. From this inſtea ­nce I cou:d not but reflect upon ye Goodneſs & wiſdom of  an allwiſe & sover^e^ign God in preſarving & delivering his  creatures tho ever so evil & unthankfull. May I be in=  [illegible]inabled to eye Gods holy hand in all his works ^both^ of prov.e & grac  
Blank page.
Bleſſed be God I have my helalth better then for many  years paſt. we have had a very diſagreable veſit from  some of thoſe poor wretches as mr Kirtland will informe   you in his. which Inſtance I hope has been maid a bleſſing  to me. I am very well contented at preſent, am not in ye   leaſt diſcourag.d, only want an honeſt heart to improve  my diſtinguiſhed priviledges. ye [illegible]late rupter ocaſiond by some  of Satons Emiceries seems to have a very good effect upon  others which affords an encourag.g proſpect yt tho. the  divil or strong man armed is loth to give up ye caſtel  yet I hope a stronger then he will E,er long enter in  and spoile his goods & become maſter & governour.  I lodgd at mr Robinſes on my Jurney he sends all  reſpect to ye Doc.t mr Wheelock, kept Sabbiath at  Nobletown went to hear Mr Smith who sends all due  reſ[illegible]pects to you. deſires all that belong to your family  or school to make his houſe their home when ever thay   paſs thatis way, as did mr Robins alſo. I wated on Sir  William agreable to your orders was their 4 or 5 hours before  I could see him, he sd but little, speaking of your Doct­ ­ship sd, he thoughts it was a very rair inſtence for a  deſenter to have that Honour conferd on them.  went that night to Eſqr Butler lodgd their he would  not let me go away. could not go to Cherry vally the  riding was so bad — That ye Lord may crown your labours  with Honour & succes is ye humble prayer of him, who begs  leave to subſcribe him selfe,   
Rev.d Doct,  your moſt obed.t [illegible][guess: H.l ] sarvt   Phinehas Dodge 
From Phin: Dodge  3 Nov.r 1767.   
To  The Revd Eleazer Wheelock DD.   New-England