Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to Stephen Williams, 1767 October 16


abstractWheelock writes to congratulate Williams on his recent marriage and to update him on the progress of the school and various missions.

handwritingHandwriting is slanting and informal, yet largely clear and legible.

paperLarge sheet folded in half to make four pages is in fair condition, with moderate staining, creasing and wear.

inkBlack-brown ink is faded.

  My Rev.d & very dear Broth.r 
Your Kind ſalutations by M.r Bliſs, are  very Acceptable, for which I have a minute allow‐ ‐ed me to thank you — And to give you Joy on the  confirmation of your nuptials with one ſo perfectly  agreeable both to your ſelf and all your Friends —  may Heaven fill up your Laſt Days with uſefulneſs &  comfort — I also congratulated y.e Dear partner  of all your Joys & comforts, on her new Situation ſo  near the Altar of God, an Honour done her, & a Conſi‐ ‐deration great enough to lighten every Burthen, and  more than compenſate all thoſe Labours of Love & Expreſsi‐ ‐ons of Kindneſs, which according to ye ordinary Courſe  of Nature you may require, and which ſhe no doubt  expects & has been laying out for as her way to Glorify  God in her latter Days.
As to my affairs they are too many & great  to be diſclosed in one ſheet — things in general  appear with a very agreeable aſpect — my ſon  Rodulphus has lately returnd from Onoida where  I Sent him to Settle the Schools — he brought 3.  likely boys with him ^from ^ Kanawaaohare. one of them  is [illegible]Heir apparent to the Cheif ſachemſhip of the  onoidas — He brings me a comfortable acco.t indeed  from that Quarter — M.r Kirtland is in highſpirits  - and conducts with much Zeal & Prudence. is  maſter of that Tongue — & my Son ſays, acts the  Indian Orator to perfection — The Aſsembly  numerous and very ſolemn - much increaſed  of Late - now upwards of 80 families - and 12.  or 15, more expected to ſettle there this fall for  the Sake of M.r Kirtlands miniſtry - I have re‐ ‐moved David Fowler from the ſchool there ^[below]to^   
there, and ſent him to Montauck on Long Island,  to take care of his Aged & Suffering Parents, and  teach the School there — and the Day before yeſter‐ ‐day I Sent off M.r Phinebas Dodge to take this  School which David left & Joseph Johnſon a  Mohegan to old onoida to a new ſchool which  my ſon opened there — they have left of Drunk‐ ‐eneſs in M.r Kirtlands Town, except in a very few  Inſtances ever ſince Laſt November —
Gen.l Johnſon's Expectation of Episcopalians  has prevented any Miſsions or Schools in his  vicinity the Laſt year — Late Prints give acco.t  of Sir Johns return but no acco.t of the Expected  Miſsionaries with him.
I have had no Letters from Europe for ſome  Time; am impatient to hear —
Where to fix ye ſchool is the object of Attention —  and upon the Carpet at home — Whether here  or at Albany — or on the Ohio &c —
Glad ſhould I be of a viſit from you with  your dear ſpouse my new Siſter — I cant come  to you. I am every Hour full of Buſineſs.  pray for me my dear ſir. and accept
Kindeſt ſalutations to you both from  Yours moſt affectionately  Eleazar Wheelock
Rev.d ſtephen Williams
To The Rev.d  M.r Stephen Williams  In  Springfield 
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