Mary Secutor, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1767 October 12


abstractSecutor writes that she is thankful for Wheelock’s permission to visit her Nation, and that she will return around Thanksgiving.

handwritingFormal hand is clear and legible. Handwriting is the same as on 765566.1, 767115.1, 767552, 767559, 767630.2, 767660.2, and possibly 767231 and 767251. It is likely that of Edward Deake, schoolmaster at Charlestown.

paperSingle small sheet is in good condition, with light creasing, staining and wear.

inkBlack-brown ink varies in intensity.

noteworthyMary’s last name is spelled three different ways on this document.

signatureThe document bears two signatures for Mary Secutor: one in the same hand that has written the body of the letter, the second in an unknown hand that is likely Mary's own.

Dear ſr, 
I underſtand that You said I might  Stay at Charlestown till Next spring; I am bound  to except it a token of Friend-ſhip that You allow so  long time to Visit my Nation. But this wou'd be  a much longer Visit than I've a mind to make at  present; I shall return home about Thanksgiving,  if it be agreeable to your mind.
I am in a state of Helth through ye goodneſs of God,  and hope You are in Helth also.
from yr most obedient humble Servant.  Mary Secutor    Mary Secetor 
To  ye Revd mr Eleazr Wheelock D.D. T  att  Lebanon   To  yt Miniſter oof god   [illegible] 1767  in [illegible]  
[bottom]From Mary Secuter  Oct.r 12th 1767