Willard Hubbard, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1767 October 8


abstractHubbard writes regarding reports of drunkenness among Joseph Johnson and company.

handwritingHandwriting is formal and mostly clear if somewhat small and slanting.

paperSingle sheet is in fair condition, with moderate-to-heavy creasing, staining and wear.

inkBrown-black ink is faded.

noteworthyIt is uncertain as to whether or not Hubbard is referring to the same person when he mentions the Oneida Sachem and Sachem Thomas.

Rev.d S.r 
I underſtand, that it is reported, that when  Joſep Johnſon was/ at Mohegan /with the—  Onyda Sachem,/was Drun[illegible]k, and this Day  he came to my Houſe, to Know if I had heard of  any ſuch Report, and I told him, I had, but  afterward, I had heard it contradicted, The time  they ſaid ^he^ got too much Drink, was the Day  he went in Company with Sachem. Thomas  and Aaron, to N. London, and came back at  Night and Lodged with Sachem Benjn,  and I have been [illegible]with him to Sachem Benjnss  and to Know if there was any truth in it, or not,  and the S[illegible]achem, ſaid he Did not No of any  Such thing ^of^ him Nor Sachem Thomas neither,  But Aaron was ſo drunk, he could not get  thier &c   
S.r I am your Moſt obedient  and Very Humble Serv.t,  Willard Hubbard 
Aaron is as bad as ever he was, he has been Drunk Seve.l times  and Lodges in Barns and han.t been at home this two[illegible] or three Days   
From M.r Willar Hubbard  Oct.r 8th 1767   
  To the Rev.d  Eleazer Wheelock  in  Lebanon