Tobias Shattock, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1767 October 2


abstractShattock thanks Wheelock for his letter supporting the Narragansetts’ appeal to the colonial Governor that their Sachem Ninegret be prevented from selling any more of their lands.

handwritingFormal and clear; heavily underlined. Handwriting is the same as on 765566.1, 767115.1, 767559, 767562.2, 767630.2, 767660.2, and possibly 767231 and 767251. It is likely that of Edward Deake, schoolmaster at Charlestown.

paperLarge sheet folded in half, in good condition and bearing remnants of seal.

inkBlack brown

Rev.d ſ.r,   
I've got home well, and have found my Friends in  Helth through the goodneſs of God. — — I wou'd  now Inform You that affairs which Concern us  about our Land, appears somewhat Incouraging.  the Hon:le Andrew Oliver Esqr has wrote to our  Gove^r^ner concerning the Sachems conduct; and  after a warm debate the Governer obtain'd a vote  that nomore Land shou'd sold, 'till his Pleasure  was further known, and that he is Cited to ap­ pear to the next Aſsembly. — — Sr William  gives Incouragement that something shall be  speedily done in our favour. As soon as I can  git the Advice of my Friends, I can give You  a more Perticular account. — —Tis ow^e^ing to  the bad conduct of the Sachem that I came  from the School. In reguard to my Bretheren  I'm Determin'd to exert my self to do somthing  in their favour, to save their Substance that  they may live together, and Injoy the rich Fa­ vours so lately bestow'd upon them. — — The  Indians are very ^thankful^ that You wrote in their fa­ vour to Sr William, especially when they heard  how agreeable ye letters were to y.e Generals  Mind. It appears to me that yr Influance on y.e  Indians is greater than ever; & if You keep to  ye agreement to take from our Tribe ^none,^ but   Such
Such as are recommended by ye Council,  Your Influance will increase. That if  we shou'd move to, or near Onida, we Shall  be of great service to You in promoting your  worthy Design.   I dislike ye behavour of Boys that goes  from ye School, and gives it bad Charracter.  I've so much reguard for the School, that all  the Boys that is sent to You from our Tribe,  for ye futer, Shall by their Parents be given  up to live with You 'till they arrive to the  age of twenty one Years, if You desire it.
In grateful remembrance of Friendship, &  Civility, with cordial love to ye Schoolmaster,
I am (Revd Sr with great respect) Your most  Obedient huml Servt.   Tobias Shattock 
Blank page.
From Tobias Shattock  Octr 2.d 1767   
To  Mr Eleazr Wheelock DD.  in  Lebanon.