Robert Keen, letter, 1767 April 14


abstractKeen writes to Whitaker regarding the funds raised in England. He includes an account of donations and a letter to Occom.

handwritingHandwriting is formal, clear and legible.

paperLarge sheet folded in half to make four pages is heavily reinforced, which makes it difficult to gauge the exact condition of the paper; there appears to be moderate creasing, staining, and wear.


noteworthyIt is uncertain to what Keen refers when, on one verso, he mentions "the meeting of the General Assembly in Scotland." However, he is likely referring to the Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge. In instances where Keen's intention regarding a word or abbreviation is uncertain, the word or abbreviation has been left unmodified in the modernized transcription. Money notation includes symbols for pounds, shillings, and pence. These have been transcribed with the pound sign before the number and the shilling and pence superscripted after. Due to account formatting, transcription line breaks may not exactly match those of the manuscript.

EventsFundraising Tour of Great Britain

Dear Sr   
The Acco..ts being as material as any part of our Correspondence  I shall begin with them & after you've compar'd them with Yours let me  know if they agree & if not wherein that I may properly post them &  you nor I need not overhale these any more, which takes in from your leaving  London to ye 9th April Includeing Worcester — but begin regularly from thence —
at Hitchin ^[below]and formerly^} J. Radcliffe Esqr ^G^ 4 5. RM 2 ^G^ Mr Moore ^[illegible]^ 1 Mr Flock 10/6 Unknown 10/6 — £9..9s.-d
at Olney Collected at ye Revd Mr Drake^s^ £9..4s..7d at New Port Revd Mr Bull 10/6 — 9..15.1
at Northampton Collectd at ye Revd Mr Hextals £24.3s at ye Revd Mr Rylands £20.10s.11 1/2d Revd Mr Rylands £1.1s &— 48..1..5 1/2
Welford Collected at ye Revd Mr Kings ^£4..1s..6d^ Bakewell £2..2s Unknown ^of Sundry's £2..6..6—^ £8..6s..6d & 0..14s..6d — — — 15..4..6
Willingborough Collected at ye Revd Mr Grant^s^ — — — 9..1..1
Coventry Meſ Jacksons & Lloyds people £56..7..2 1/2  The Revd Mr Butterworth [illegible] 10..19..6  The Revd Meſsrs Simpson & Allcott 39..14..10 1/2  The Revd D.r Edwards & 3 of his Parishoners 3..13..6} — — — 110..15..0 3/4
Revd Mr Keddle's at Warwicke £5..13s..4d Revd Mr Broadhurst at Alecoker £2..4s..4d— — — 7..17..8
The Revd Mr Keddle's at Evesham £6..13s..2 1/2d given by the Revd Mr Whitmore of Hooknorton £2..3s. — 8..16..2 1/2
at Bourton on ye Water Collectd at ye Revd Mr Bedham £19..10s Mr Wm Snook £10..10 — — — 30..—..—
at Cirencester Revd Mr Johnson 10s.6d Mr Wavet 10/6 Mr Kimber £1..1s Revd Mr Davis £1..11s..6d Mr Freeman £2..2s Mr Wilkins £1..1s ^[below]Francis Turner 10/6 Jn[illegible] Reeve & unknown 10s^} — 7..17..—
at Tewksbury Collected at ye Revd Meſ Golsham & Haydon's £21..00.10 John Humphries £10  Revd Mr Jones £1..1 — Revd Haywards 0..10..6 from Sundries £1..19.. — — — } — 34..11..1
at Parshore Collected at ye Revd Mr Aske's £7..7..6 Saml Rickards £1..1 James Rickards £1..1s  Revd Mr Dark 10s..6d Revd Mr Beal 10/6 Revd Mr Aske 10/6 Mr Smith 5s — — —} 11..6..—
at Worcester Collected at ye Revd Meſ Unwicke & Pointings £21..2..6 a private ^[below]Gain^  Subscription £21..[illegible]5..3 a Donation from the Publick Fund £7..13s..3d Cooke & Blackmon 3} 53..4.. —
then both ye followg accot & a Bill for it was sent me by the Revd B. Boyce & I sent him & Revd Mr Brown a letter each acknowge it &c  [illegible] £355..18..4 3/4
Kettering Collected at ye meeting in ye afternoon & Evening £20..7s..3d  Recd by Md Whitaker from ye Revd Mr Brown & put in Mr Boyce's hands 3..13..6  from The Revd Mr Matlock 0..14..6 several of Mr Boyces people £6..8..9 } 31..4..—
£387..2....4 3
here follows all ye Bills you've remitted me as there are before me none  being yet due but one of ye 1st from Northampton wch I took ye accot of Vizt
March 16th. in yr letter from Northampton Recd 2 Bills Vizt One on George Roſs for £30..—..—
another on Tho.s Orton in Woodstreet made payble to & Endors'd by W.m Cooper & yr Self 31..10..—
March 27th from Coventry. Two Bills One ^on^ Meſsrs S & W Smith drawn by Meſsrs Little & Lowke made  payable to & Endor'd by Saml Reader .. for — — — } — 40..14..6
the other dated Coventry 28th March drawn by T & S Oldham on Meſsrss. Fletcher & Hunt & endors'd ^[below]by Nath.l Whitaker^ for } 89..5..—
Apl. 2 One dated [illegible] date at 7 ^days^ Sight drawn by W. Palmer on Meſ Pearson & Co & endors'd by N. ^[below]Whitaker^ for — — — } 44..2..—
6th. Recd a Bill on W.m Mee pay^able^ to & Endors'd by J. Humphries & y.r self for — — — 20..—..— 
d.o a Bank Post Bill N.o 6552 payable to Richd Durnford & Endors'd by yose 10..—..—
9th. Reced a Bill dated Ap.l 9th from Worcester pay^ble^ to & Endors'd by N. Whitaker on W & J. Ewer 90..—..—
Recd a Bill from Kettering dated 27th March due ye 30th April drawn by Epm & Saml Burwell  made payable to Robt Keen or Order on Meſsrs Sawbridge & Barnston — for} 31..4..—
thus stands the Accots & the reason of your differing in ye Bill of £40..14s..6d (whereof you say  £31..13) Mr Saml Reader explains at ye end of your letter from Coventry March 27th — but his is  dated 4 days after vizt on ye 31st. he says The Revd Mr Whitaker left my house yesterday morning & gave me  £22..8 with what was Collected at the ye Revd Meſsrs Simpson & Allicotts meeting doors wch was in my hands & order'd  me to have £7.7 from Mr Buxton which I had & £1..18.. from Mr Euson but Mr Euson had £9..1..6 more left at  his house beside 2 bad Shillgs reced at ye Collection which makes the sum £40..14..6 which I have here enclos'd a  Bill for — besides a Bill of £89..5 — which Mr Whitaker left to go in this letter — I am Dr Sr yr Very Hble Servt ^[below]Saml Reader^
I've inserted his Note as above will set you right — — — — as you are at Birmingham it will be  by farr be ye best way to go through with it, wether you get little or much — there will be a vast  Number of places you'll not be able to go to ^at^ all, much leſs when you're at or near a place their  desireing you to take another Opportunity — I Gave Dr Gibbons Mr Parry's letter &c  he'll write no more about it, the thing is done if Mr Parry has hinder'd you  of 30 or £40 & 'twill be made up another way ye D.r is not for your regarding  him or any others but be content & raise Money upon the laudible plan  it has hitherto been conducted with — as you go farther North you go  among the circle of his acquaintance & he will write letters of recom‐ ‐mendations & send them — Mr Whitefield went out of Town in 3 or 4  days after you left London & then return'd for a week after which he  went to Cambridge &c & is now at Norwich but is expected home by  Friday next.... I sent a large parcell of Narratives & Appendix directed  as this letter is. Vizt To The Revd M.r Howel &.c & among is I believe several  of Mr Wheelock's Narratives or those printed at Boston wch is those you so  much want, if not when you write again, the mor I'll send you some of them  or any others you write for — The Meeting of the General aſsembly  in Scotland is the 24th of May. if you are there a week or 10 days before  I imagine will do — so that you may visit as many of ye Capital places  in your way thither as you can — you repeatedly write for your Recommendts  from America & your commiſsion from the Board of Connecticut sign'd by  Solomn Williams, Titus Smith's, Mr Salters letters &c. to be sent you as thinking  you'll greatly need them in Scotland — what recommendations can you want  more then you have? or what better acco..ts can you shew then is in the  Narratives, Appendix's &c? — If you have any thoughts of Collecting Monies  in Scotland or else where [illegible] to run in any other channel then this One plan  already pursu'd, reject such thoughts, for the Gentn of the Trust will not be  concern'd if any other methods takes place — mind this & let all your intentions  be upright, never fear but providence will provide Sufficient — only let our  Eye be single & all will prosper — you see I've [illegible]here no Accots yet from Rothwell  Adington, Harborough, Lutterworth &c. but when I do I shall let you know — I'm 
going to write a short [illegible][guess: letter] to M,r Occom as we have never heard from & very  little of him ^since he left London^ but as here is room enough in this, it may do as well — desireing  he may read the whole of this, as he ought to do all the letters you receive  from me or the trust — I'm glad to hear your hoarseneſs is abated in part  & hope you'll be [illegible]Restor'd to all your wonted usefulneſs — may the Lord  Guide you by his Counsel & protect you by his power, is the earnest Wish  & prayer of Dr S.r in the best of Bonds  Robt Keen   
M:r Occom 
[illegible]How can you be so remiſs as never to write here  you have been at Bedford, Stroude Hampton & many other  places, beside those in company with Your Inseperable Companion  Mr Whitaker — has the Lord done nothing for you nor by You ?  you could tell us when preaching on these words, the master is come &  calleth for You — how he was a Good Master, a kind master, a loveing  Master, a Never failing Master & so on ad infinitum — pray let  us hear wether he is the same to you in the Country, as he was  when you [illegible] found him so in London — he is unchangeable I trust  you & I shall find him so, not only to ye end of our Lives ^only,^ but to Eternity
— however from this day we desire you would write once a week  or at farthest once a fortnight — beside it will give us more satisfaction  to find Mr Whitaker & you consulting & [illegible]Advising with one another  that you see & read all my letters & sign your name with his  when you are together & sometimes write your self, as a beginning let  me receive a letter from you before you leave Birmingham & acquaint  that as a beginning to do busineſs you have read not only this part  directed to you but the whole letter as all is directed to you the same  as to Mr Whitaker — I must conclude to save the post — wishing you  both — health of Body & [gap: tear][guess: pro]sperity of Soul 
I remain in  our dear Redeemer  Robt Keen 
London 14th April 1767 
From Mr Keen  Apr 14, 1767    To   The Revd Mr Nathl Whitaker  at ye Revd Mr Howel's  Birmingham 
From Mr Keen Apr. 14, 1767