John Secutor, letter to Eleazar Wheelock, 1767 March 31


abstractSecutor writes to ask Wheelock to communicate his disapproval of Hezekiah Calvin’s marriage proposal to his daughter Mary.

handwritingHandwriting is clear, formal and legible.

paperLarge sheet folded in half to make four pages is in good condition, with light-to-moderate staining, creasing and wear.

inkDark brown.

noteworthyHandwriting is similar to 767251, 768371.2, and possibly 765566.1, 767115.1, 767351.1, 767552, 767559, 767562.2, 767630.2, 767660.2. Likely that of Edward Deake, schoolmaster at Charlestown.

Revd ſr, 
I gratefully acknowledge your  token of love, and friendship, in the Chris­ tian education you have giv'n, my Daughter,  I esteem it Such a favour, as Justly Demands  Gratitude in ye deepest sense. —
I receiv'd a letter from Mr Calvin  which contain'd the following words.  "It may be no small thing that I have to acquant   "you with, the design that lays between your  "Daughter Moley, and me, Pardon me if I  "blush to Name it, that is Matrimony but I  "shall not attempt it without yr Consent, &  "approbation." This, Sir, I by no means Con­ sent to, and shou'd be very glad if you  wou'd use your reasonable powers to Dis­  swade my Daughter from such design. — Not  that I have ever heard any thing against the  young man.   
 I am, Sr, with great respect, your  most Obedient Humble Servt John Secutor 
^[left]P. S.^ The letter that Mr Calvin wrote  to me, and one from my Daughter,  was sent by the Hand of Sylvester  Athony, who carried them to the  Sachem Ninegretts and were open'd   and kept there four weeks before I  heard of them. If mr Calvin had  Been acquainted with Sylvester, I  Should have blam'd him for sending  by him; but as he knew nothing of  him I don't think much of it. —  Sr please to caution ym Who yy   Send letters by for ye future.   from ſr, yr Hume Servt   John Secutor   
From John Secutor  March 1767   
To  the Revd Mr Eleazar Wheelock  att   Lebanon
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