David Fowler, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1767 March 17


abstractFowler writes to apologize for his previous letter, which he wrote in anger at Kirtland’s condescending treatment, and to request that Kirtland no longer have or exercise authority over him.

handwritingHandwriting is bold and legible; the nib of the pen appears to change midway through one recto.

paperLarge sheet folded in half to make four pages is in good condition, with light staining, creasing and wear.


Revd, and Hon.d Sir, 
I suppose you have receiv'd my  preſumptuous Letter; Which I beleive has given  you much Sorrow and Trouble of Mind. — For I was in  a very bad frame of Mind; occ[illegible]aſion'd by Mr Kirtlands  reſuming too much of greatneſs before Company  he appeard to me, that he wanted ^to^ ſhow what  great man he was that he could order us about  where and how he pleasd; this ſoon ſtuck in  my Crop; and at this time Mr Kirtland had  ^[left]Letters^ come to hand and none for me; this encreased my  angryer, and [illegible]in the Midſt of my Paſſion I wrote  your Letter I indeed wrote whatſoever come  out firſt; I hardly know what. I was writing  about, nor can I now tell what I wrote, for  as ſoon as I finiſh'd writing I ſeal it up —  but I remember ſome haſh Word in it. —  —For which baſe and haughty expreſ­ ſions to ^you^. I ^do^ now in ſincerity aſk forgiveneſs  for I acknowledge I ſpoke very ungratefully  and improperly to a Benefactor, yea more a Fa­ ther who has been [illegible][guess: ſ]at ſo much Trouble for me to  fit me to be uſeful in the Wordld. again I ſay,  I aſk your Forgiveneſs I hope you will not take  hard no longer. — I don't now think myſelf to  be worthy of your Notice, I wonder you did
not turn me out off the School — I now  beg a Favour of you which will Afford me  Comfort and Eaſe, which, is this, whenſoever  you write to Mr Kirtland charge him  not mention one Syllable of to me, for cuts  me very much: though I ſee myſelf a mean  and worthleſs Fellow an[illegible]d yet I am ſuch  fooliſh Creature or to give as to trouble  myſelf when others receive a Letter
I ſpeak calmy and ſincerely not in ruf­ f[illegible]ele — Another Favour for Mr Kirtlands  Comfort, which is this. Dont try ^to^ give him  ſo much Authority as that he would per­ ſuad or take upon himſelf to goven me or  order me about. as ſoon as he try to do that  he wont be ſo comfortable here; for he cant  order me, [illegible] nor ^no^ Miſſonary that ſhall come  into these Parts. [illegible] As I am an Inſtructor  I am able to act for myſelf. with-out having  a maſter over me .&c
I am well anyd contented, Han­ nah alſo is well only ſhe has ſome ſmall  turns of illneſs which Women of her Condition  are apt to have — I ſuppose ſhe will like­  ly have a trial of pain in June, —
Give our Duty Madam and love to whole Family and  School.
I am in the main time your affect and  unworthy Sevant,  David Fowler
Blank page.
From David Fowler  March 17..th 1767 
To— the Reverend.  M.r Eleazer Wheelock  Inn  New-England