Eleazar Wheelock, certificate, 1766 December 3


abstractA copy of a document certifying Occom’s promise not to act in the Mason v. Colony of Connecticut Land case while in England.

handwritingInformal hand is largely legible, but there are several deletions and additions.

paperSmall sheet is torn at right edge, resulting in a significant loss of text.


noteworthyGiven the informality of the hand and the numerous edits, this document is likely a draft.

EventsMason Land Case, Fundraising Tour of Great Britain

These certify that M.r Sampſon Occom declared it to be h[gap: tear][guess: is]  Settled, & fixed Determination to be no manner of way Aiding or [gap: tear]  ­ting in the Affair depending between M.r Maſon and the Colon[gap: tear][guess: y]  of Connecticut commonly calld Maſonss Case. And he also ful[gap: tear][guess: ly]  knew that I was fully determined not to Send him unleſs I ^cou[gap: tear][guess: ld]^ ma[gap: tear][guess: y]  be well aſsured that he would ^not^ meddle nothing with that Aff[gap: tear][guess: air]  and I have been from Time to Time ^Certifie'd^ fully Aſsured that he has [gap: tear]  [illegible][guess: ­ſtantly] ^continued^ Steadfaſt in that a Determination, and had ^that the has Neither^ Said nor don[gap: tear][guess: e]  any thing at all in Favour of that Cauſe.   
Certified by  Eleazar Wheelock 
Copy of Cer[gap: tear]  M.r Occom had ingaged  not to Act for Maſon  in England. Dec.r 3. 1766