Aaron Kinne, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1766 December 1



abstractKinne reports from his travels to scout new Indian students and locations for missions and schools.

handwritingHandwriting is formal and clear.

paperLarge sheet folded in half to make four pages is in fair condition, with moderate-to-heavy staining, creasing and wear that renders the paper somewhat fragile.


Rev.d & Hon.d Sir
The Favours and Benefits I have, in the Courſe of a wise Providence, received from your Fatherly Care & Kindneſs, lay me under inviolable Obligations, notwithanding the distance of my Station, to exert myſelf, as far as is consiſtant with my Character, for the Peace & Prosperity of yourſelf and Family; and to make such Enquiry {agreeable to your Desire} & use such means ^as^ are neceſsary for obtaining such Knowledge as is requisite; for thate Promotion of that glorious undertaking, in Prosecution of which you have been so remarkably succeſsful.
Since I have been in theſe Parts, have gain'd what Intelligence I conveniently could concerning the Matter you propos'd, and find, as to the Indians, there are several Tribes, as Norridgewalks not a large Tribe, about Eighty Miles Northward from this Place.— Penobſcots to the Eaſtward about 160 Miles, judg'd they can raiſe about 200 fighting Men.— S.t John's Tribe Eastward still, numerous. Canadians &c. But the Indians, thro' Means of the Devil's Miniſter the Pope, his Servants the Friars, & his Subjects the French are strongly at=tach'd to the Papist's Religion.
As to Conveniences, 'tis tho't a small Township on this River of about 5 or 6 Miles may be had for ask‐ing for, of a Number of Men called, The Plymouth Company, where may be had convenient Places for Buil=ding, excellent Land, & Choice Timber.
Water=Carriage from here almost over N. America. Except a Carrying Place of about 30 Miles may go by water to Quebec, and so in the River S.t Lawrence to the Lakes, & scatter among all the Western Tribes, even the Six Nations &c. And to the Penobſcots, S.t Johns, and among the Numerous Indians at Nova Sotia.— The Country & Climate very Healthy.
As to Inhabitants, they are a Religious, sober well=dispos'd sort of People, Peculiar Friends to you & your important Design, more so than any that ever I saw, They speak of your Perſon with ardour of affection, & your Design, with applause—
I have now given you what Intimations I could obtain, I hope against the next opportunity to give you a more particular Account —
Thro' Gods Goodneſs, had a proſperous Journey, met with a kind Reception, & enjoy a comfortable state of Health.
No more at present but remain
Rev.d Sir
your most obedient & very humble Servant Aaron Kinne
P.S. My dutiful Reſpects to Madam, sincere Regard Sir Wheelock, Family, School &c. & please to forward the Letter to My Parents to Lieu.t Breeds N. Landing &c  Yours as before  A. Kinne
To the Rev.d M.r Wheelock. —
Letter from M.r Aaron Kenne at GeorgeTown. Dec.r 1:ſt 1766.
To the Reverend M.r Eleazar Wheelock In Connecticut
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