Joseph Johnson, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1766 December 1


abstractJohnson sends regrets over the tone of his previous letter and the fact that he has not written lately, and relates his plans to train as a schoolmaster.

handwritingHandwriting is somwhat uneven, yet mostly formal, clear and legible. The trailer is in an unknown hand.

paperLarge single sheet is in good condition, with light staining, creasing and wear.

inkBrown ink is lightly faded.

  Rev.d and most Honoured. Sir.
I was quite ashamed when I wrote that  miſerable letter, laſt fall: but am more So now, that I have not  Acknowledged the kind reception it meet with and the  affectionate messages you have sent me in your Letters  to M.r Kirtland. I now return moſt hearty thanks for all  and aſk forgiveneſs for my neglect and forgitfulneſs  and hope that I Shall not be guilty of the like here= =after. I Should have entered the School today had  not my misfortune been to cut my hand this morn =ing, but I expect to enter the morrow with David.  It is thought fit by M.r Kirtland, that I tarry  here the winter to git knowledge of Davids Art in  teaching the Natives and to know how to keep a School  in every Article. and the next spring to have a School  by my-ſelf at Old Onida, which I Should have had  this winter had not one of the principle-men been Sick.  I Endeavour to exert my-outmoſt this winter. & I would  hope, that you might poſsible hear Something that will  be Encourageing from me, by Mr Kirtland next Spring.  I enjoy Uſual health, Except my miſfortune this morning.
I hope, and shall be Glad to hear that you enjoy —  health amidſt your Numberleſs fatigues.
That God may garant you an ample reward in  the upper world, for all your Labours of Love  towards the poor Indians. and me in perticular is the  hearty wiſh of.
Revd Sir.  your moſt Obedient  though unworthy Servent  Poor good for nothing Indian  Joſeph Johnſon
PS. I would beg leave  to preſent humble duty  to Madam, & reſpects to your  worthy family. with love to  the School.
Revd Eleazer Wheelock.
Jos: Johnson  Dece.r 6. 1766