Moses Peck, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1766 September


abstractPeck encloses a bill, and copies a letter from Whitefield to Mason regarding the controversy involving Occom and the New England Company.

handwritingInformal handwriting is somewhat scratchy, yet mostly legible. There are several uncrossed t’s that have been corrected by the transcriber.

paperLarge sheet folded in half to make four pages is in fair condition, with moderate staining, creasing and wear.


noteworthyA tag reading "GIFT OF MRS. THOMAS C. ESTY" is affixed to the top of one verso.

signatureThere is no signature from Peck; Whitefield’s initials are copied at the end of the excerpt.

layoutThe first page of the letter is on one recto, but the second page is on two verso, not one verso.

EventsFundraising Tour of Great Britain

Revd Sir 
I have put on Board Cpt freeman a bundel  of, Six Large Sides of Sole leather, [illegible][guess: c] 93 wa.t £4.19-2 —  And as. Could not Git any Good Neates Leather  now — I Shall Git Sum and Send the next opertunity  Except you for-bid it— The Shuger and other  things Mrs Smith Will Send — Mr Whitaker hes  Sent Me a Long Leter, with a Coppy of Mr Olivers,  which I Supose You have — I Shall Send a Coppy  to Mr Littel of Newbury &.c— That part of Mr  Whitfelds Leter to Mr Mason, Which Relates to your  Affares is as follow.sLondon July 23-1766  My Dr Jonathan.
Not one Line Since the repeal of the  Stamp act — old friendſhip will not permit you to be long  Silent — bodily illneſs and a Multiplicety of busyneſs  prevents my frequent Correspondance — but I am doing  what Little I can for those to home I Cannot write—  Bleſsed be God the Indian affair Suc[illegible]ceeds and  will Succeed even beyond Expectation — Strange that  it Should be oppoſed onely at least chiefly from your  Side the water — a leter is Said to be written by a  certain Board of Corrispondence inſinuating that Con= =tributions were procured in New-England & elsewhere  by Repreſenting Mr Occum as a Mohock (not a Mohegan)  and all a Sudden converted from a State of Heathenism  Chriſsanity — as this is a palpable untruth and proved to  be So on this Side the water, it hath Greatly Leſsend the  Character of the perſons Suppos'd to be Concern'd—  Suredly, it becomes them to Clear themſelves 
in this matter, or one that prejudice or envy or  both have Dreadfully influenced them to take  this ungearded, ungenerous, unchriſtian Step—
but thoughts are vain against the Lord  All Shall Subserve His Standing word  Satan thwarts and Men object  And Yet the thing they thwart effect—  Hallelujah — 
You may shew this to Mr Pemberton or whom you  think proper— I wish Mr Blair Good Succeſs in  the name of the Lord— Love to All— Ceaſe not  to pray for, my Very Dr Friends
Ever Yours &c &c in Jesus   GW  ^[left]A Coppy^
Blank page.
  Copy of a Letter from  The Rev.d George Whitefield  in M.r Peck's with Acc.t of sole  Leather Sept.r 1766
To  the Rev.d  Mr Eleazr Wheelock  in Lebanon  to the Care of Revd Nathl  Whitaker in  Norwich  by Mr Breed.