Moses Peck, letter to Eleazar Wheelock, 1766 September 19


abstractPeck writes of good reports from England regarding Wheelock, Whitaker and Occom, and discusses other business relating to matters at home and abroad.

handwritingInformal handwriting is mostly clear and legible.

paperLarge sheet folded in half to make four pages is in good-to-poor condition, with light-to-moderate staining, creasing and wear. A large portion of two recto/verso has been torn away, which results in a minor loss of text.


noteworthyAn unknown hand has written the Latin phrase "Bonus a um" (the word "good" and its declined endings) on two verso.

EventsFundraising Tour of Great Britain

Rev.d & Very Dear Sir. 
I Got home Wensday 4 ‐ oClock found my famely Weel  Bleſed be God — Your Leters by the way of hallifax  are Sent forward — hope you have Good tidings in ye Enclosed  Leters by Mr Henry Bromfield, He Says Mr Wheelock hes   eſtabliſed a Very Good Caracter in England, allso Meſsrs Whitaker  and Occum. And those things that ware Sent Over Deſiring  to Diſ^ad^vantage & discredit, Loose their influnce ^and Dye^ (and I believe  the Creadit of those that Sent them proportionable) and that  M.r Whitaker had Colected £2000 —
Mr De Berdt informes me, Mr Occum is Very Weel and  hes Receved Several hansum Contributions one of £100 and  Another of £50. has been paid us. thus he—  Mr Chamberlin informs that he is ordered to pay Mr  Wheelock £100 — I have applied their for the things You  Wrote for by Mr Gary — your Leters that Came by him  will have a pase this week — no Books yet from  Mr Whitaker — I am informed that Mr Kitchins Legacy  was so Left that Miſsrs Pemberton & Ellett have Laid their  hands upon it — Mr Whitaker says Mr Whi[gap: tear][guess: te]field hes  Rote a Strange Leter to Mr Maſon, (but it hante yet Com  to hand) — I have informed Miſsrs Whitakerfield of What Mr  Gary Says Reſpecting Mr Well's Farm —
The Commiſsrs hear begin to buſsel, Miſsrs Ellett & Cuſhing  are Going to Stockbridg, are to advise with Mr Hopkins  in their way — others are going nearer home, and  by and by they will send home a Long Narrative of what  Great Js hes Don —
Mr Patten preched ^here^ for Meſsrs Foxcraft & Young Chick‐ ly Last Lords Day, to Good exceptance —
You mentioned a Book that my Son might want  byut I forgot the name, please to inform, and every  thing else that you [illegible][guess: yo]Want for yourſelf or Famely 
and use your humbl Servent as you please  Myine & Mrs Pecks eſpeachal Regardes to your Self  and Madan, Reſpects to Sir Wheelock, Love to all  And excuſe all my Crock
Moſes Peck
Pray Lets Know how  Miſs Abegil Gites home
To the Revd Mr Wheelock.
Blank page.
To  The Rev.d  Mr Eleazer Wheelock   in   Lebanon 
M.r Moses Peck's Lettr  Sep.t 29th 1766.  Bonus a um