Thomas Dawson, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1766 August 29


abstractDawson writes to Wheelock telling of impediments to collecting for the Indian school, and of rumors that Occom and Whitaker are associated with Presbyterians in London.

handwritingHandwriting is small, but largely clear and legible.

paperPaper is in fair-to-poor condition, with heavy wear and tearing, resulting in a significant loss of text.


EventsFundraising Tour of Great Britain

Dear S.r  
There are many impediments attend  ye applications I have made for our American  Friends — at Fairford [illegible][guess: one] of ye meetings have had a  Gallery Lately Erected ye other partly new p[illegible: [guess: ew]]d &c: &  both in Debt — Mr Beddome from Bourton on ye Water   writes me thus "As to ye american Collection It seems  as if you would (if call'd thereto) make a Notable Beggar  but considering ye great expence that has lay upon us  about ye meetg House & a debt remaining of near 30 ^£^  those of our people to whom I have mentioned it dont   seem very forward to encourage it — I beleive at least it  must be defferd a little longer" —
I saw Mr Parry last Saturday who highl[gap: tear][guess: y] approved  of ye plan but seem'd very cool abt ye thing upon  farther conversaſion I found he had been told  by aperson lately come from London that Mr Whitaker  & M.r Occom on waiting on a certain Gent.n in Lond.n   he recommended them to act in Concert with a  Society who had for some time back set on foot a  scheme for propagating ye Gospel abroad and desired  them after they had spoke with ye Managers of that  society to come to him again but having not  seen them afterwards it lookt like a party affair  as this Gent.n was a Presbyte[gap: tear][guess: r]ian &c: — Now  this being ye Case Mr P[gap: tear]ont choose to do  anything in it till[gap: tear]t th[gap: tear]   
thing. I told him his best way was to Write to  ye Gent.n abt it, he said he would adding that  it was ^not^ related clearly to him what ye Case was
Now Sr not to make many remarks upon  this Story y I observe; that I don't see how M.r W.   & Occom could act in concert & joyn stocks  with any set of men; their commiſsion not  extending to such a Lattitude, as to their  not calling on ye Gent.n afterwards I cant  pretend to aſsign their reasons —
I shall see Mr Parry some time next week  & [illegible][gap: tear]hat he intends to do  & will give you a Line —
I am in haste yr Friend  & Serv.t Tho Dawſon  Ciren.r 29 Augt 66 
I find you have  Sent a pamphlet to  Cheltnam which  otherwiſe I shd have done
[left]From Mr   Dawſon of  Cirenceſter  [gap: tear][guess: Aug.t] 29 1766