Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to George Whitefield, 1766 July 24


abstractWheelock writes to update Whitefield on the missions of Kirkland and others.

handwritingHandwriting is informal, with several deletions and additions.

paperPaper is heavily damaged, with tearing and wear that results in a significant loss of text. It is heavily reinforced.


noteworthyThis letter follows up on one that Wheelock writes the previous month (766314). On one verso, in the first paragraph, the name of the Indian settlement that is partially illegible but we guess to be “Willkeske,” likely refers refers to modern-day Oriskany, NY. The contents of one recto are in a large bracket drawn on the left margin. Two recto bears several smaller brackets. The document appears to be a draft or personal copy.

I wrote you via. Boſton a few Days ago, [gap: worn_edge] ­thing now to write but to y.e Same Purpose.
Mr Kirtland returnd from his long Tour to the Senecas, may. 19th  Accompanied by Tekanande the cheif Warior of that Tribe, and one  Whose Influence in that Tribe is great. He appears to be of pregnant  Genius, an Affable Temper, benevolent, Steady, judicious, manly,  and has always been friendly to the Engliſh. a Protector and Steady  Friend to dear Mr Kirtland amidſt Perils, & Dangers too many & great  to relate & Deſcribe in a Letter. They came to Hartford, While the Genl  Aſsembly were Setting; The Govern.r & Company Shewed him great  Reſpect, made a handſome Entertainment for him. The Govern.r  Delivered him a Speach, and received his Anſwer, Mr Kirtl[gap: worn_edge][guess: and] bein[gap: worn_edge][guess: g]  their Interpreter, much to the Satiſfaction and Admiration of the  Whole Aſsembly. After this they made them a Preſent of £20.  The black General was much affected with their Kindneſs & Reſpect,  and marveled much to find the Country So peopled. He was lame with  a Gout or Rhumatiſm, or he would have gone to Boſton.
He Seemd much affected with My Repreſentation of the wretched  & miſerable Condition of his Nation &c. And gave in to it, (I beleive  heartily) that we were the people Whom God Loves; & that they hadve  been caſt off by him, of a long Time. IHe Said, he would go and tell  his Nation What I had Said, and What he beleived; but, Said he  [gap: worn_edge] againſt me, When I [gap: worn_edge] ^So^ we cloathed him [gap: worn_edge]  [gap: worn_edge] on a [gap: worn_edge][guess: Sprightly] H[gap: worn_edge][guess: Horſe] (inſtead [gap: worn_edge]  one which he bro.t with him). He was [gap: worn_edge][guess: greatly pleaſed] [gap: worn_edge]  my School; and was often So affected with the Igno[gap: worn_edge][guess: rance] [gap: worn_edge]  of his own people that he would ſometimes talk with Mr Kir[gap: worn_edge][guess: tland and]  weep a great part of y.e night; and Sometimes Seemd almoſt o[gap: worn_edge][guess: ver] ­whelmd with Sorrow. Now, Said he, 'I find all the things Which M[gap: worn_edge][guess: .r]  Kirtland had told himme, and a great deal more, illegible True. he often  Spake of the Corruption of Manners among the Indians, Since their  acquaintance with our Traders & Soldiars. And indeed it Seems, these  have made them Sevenfold worſe than the Devil could make them.
Mr Kirtland was ordaind 19th ult.o and a Solomn Aſsem­ ­bly indeed we had on that Occaſion.
David Fowler, after being detaind abo.t 3. Weeks by Sick­ ­neſs, returned from Onoyada, 27.th ult. in company [gap: worn_edge][guess: with]  Moses one who kept a School among the Mohocks laſt  year, and William one of his Own Schollars. and would  have been also accompanied by one of the Cheif men of y.t  Tribe, had he not been detaind byto ^condole^ the Death of his uncle  ye Cheif Warior of That Nation,
David also gave Acco.t of Several Murders of Indians com­ ­mitted by the Engliſh, which Sir William Johnſon feard would  baffle all his Endeavours for peace, as he writes me by  David, illegible This
[gap: worn_edge]  [gap: worn_edge][guess: accompa]nied by Meſsrs Chamberlain, Kirtland, [gap: worn_edge] Miſsionaries.  [gap: worn_edge] Sam.l Johnſon, and McCluer. (engliſh Youths) Hez. Calvin, Jacob  Fowler, and Joseph Johnſon (Indians) appointed to the reſpective  Services & Places following, unleſs Gen.l Johnſon & Mr Pomroy Should  See occaſsion to make a Different Diſposal of them viz. Mr  Kirtland to preach to the Indians at Canawarohare in Onoyada.  Mr Kenne at Old Onoyada about 6 miles Diſtant. McCluer to  Continue with M.r Kirtland to learn the Language & Aſsiſt Joſeph  Johnſon in keeping Davids School, s.d Johnſon to take sd  School under M.r Kirtlands Direction 'till David returns,  and then to Officiate as Usher under David; as the School  will likely conſiſt of 40 Children, and be imployment [gap: worn_edge][guess: enough]  for them both — Mr Chamberlain to preach at Canajohare  and Fort HunterHezekiah to keep his Old School at Fort  HunterSam.l Johnſon & Jacob Fowler to teach the two ſchools  which the two Abrahams kept laſt year. & little Abraham  to go to Will[illegible][guess: keſke] a new Settlement of Indians about 8. or 10  miles below Fort Stanwix, who have invited him to teach  their Children. M.r Pomroy is appointed to inſpect & conduct  the Affair of Settling these Schools — and particularly lay a Found­ ­dation for Hezekiah's Settlement and continuance with the  [gap: worn_edge] which [gap: tear][guess: he is] deſtined.  [gap: worn_edge] ſeem[gap: worn_edge][guess: s] to think that this Diſposal of them is much  [gap: worn_edge] to have Sent a number [gap: worn_edge]  [gap: worn_edge] was proposed if y.e Way had not been Thus, as [gap: worn_edge][guess: that] would  likely ^[illegible][guess: having]^ been improved as an Occaſion to Strengthen their Jeaſo^u^ſies  that we have their Lands in View; whereas they have it not to  Say now, y.t Parties are Neglected who have no Lands. —
When I was at Boſton laſt Spring I heard that Some had wrote  Home from thence againſt my Plan; but what they had wrote I  could not learn; I have Since been informd that it has been repre­ ­ſented that I am acting in Opposition to the Commiſsioners there.  I Should be glad to be informd of the Truth of that Report if  you are able to do it, & by Whom Such Repreſentation has  been made I am perſwaded the Man, Whoever he be, will not  be able to gain credit for Such a Report among any Who have  been Acquainted with my Conduct from firſt to laſt in this Affair.  nor do I fear what Such can do againſt a cauſe that is God's.  Bleſsed be God, I have a hiding Place, a Safe, a Sweat, a bleſsed  Retreat. in Which I can ^Sometimes^ bid Defiance to all y.e Powers of Darkneſs.  My dear Sir, pray that I may live upon Godhim, who is my Rock my  Strength, and my Salvation, every Day.— Bleſsed be his Name!  my Situation has been Such, as has conſtraind me to live upon him,  nor can I live any other Way. but I fear leſt my Heart be unhinged  from Such Dependance, and myſelf of Courſe deprived of the Bleſsedneſs  of tr[gap: worn_edge][guess: u]ſting in God alone, When I See any other Fund Provided for the 
[gap: worn_edge] My [illegible][guess: dear] ſir, [gap: worn_edge]  been Some time [gap: worn_edge][guess: so]licitous What Return of Gratitude to Ma[gap: worn_edge] ­to, but ^&^ can think of none; ^illegible^ So that I have nothing to Say [gap: worn_edge]  onlybut ^only^ this, and that ^but this —^ is Enough, that your Work, and Re[gap: worn_edge][guess: w]ard [gap: worn_edge]  with the Lord; "who is not unrighteous to forget your Works & Labo[gap: worn_edge][guess: urs]  of Love Which you have ſhewed towards his Name" —  + I know Who I am Writing to, and if Some Expreſions I have dropd  above ſeem too free; and Savour of Oſtentation, I truſt you have a  manlle large enough to cover, and Love & Faithfulneſs enough to  point out, reprove or correct what ever may require it, in  him Who is. with much Affection. + ^I am^ Rev.d & dear Sir, 
Yours in our glorious Head. &c —  Eleazar Wheelock 
+ P.S.  ^[left]July 26^ Sam.l Aſhpo this Day [illegible]  ^[left][illegible]^Sat [illegible]out on his Miſsion to Jeningo, 26.th  ^inſtant^ for Several Days. deſigning if  Proſpects are encouraging to  tarry there a Year.+
[gap: worn_edge] Rev.d George Whitefield. 
Letter to Rev.d G. Whitefield.   July 24th 1766. —