Sermon, 2 Corinthians 5:17, 1766 July 13


abstractOccom's sermon on the text "Therefore if any man be in Christ he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things become new".

handwritingHandwriting is small, but clear and legible.

paperVery small sheets folded and sewn together into a booklet are in good condition, with minimal staining and wear.

inkBrown ink varies in intensity over the course of the manuscript.

noteworthyAt the top of one recto, an editor, likely 19th-century, has added the note " '766 Ser. at Mr. Olding's." This note has not been transcribed. The top of the last page is uncut, and so there are no images for five verso and six recto. On six verso, there is a recipe, likely for an herbal remedy, in Occom's hand.

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2 Corinth 5:17

Therefore if any man be in  XJ he is a new Creature: &c
Regeneration is a doctrine  much Diſpiſd by ma^n^y, but  it is a Doctrine of the Bible, and  therefore it is a Supſtantial  Doctrine, it is a Spiritual  Doctrine, and it is not to be  underſtood but by Spiritual  underſtanding — I believ'd ^it is^ gene­ rally own'd by thoſe, who belive[illegible]
the Bible to be the word of god.  that we muſt be godd Some how  before we are fit to go to Heaven,  and this is good Reaſoning, for if  we believe Heaven to be a good Place  we muſt be good, if it be a Holy  place, we muſt be Holy, if it  be a pure Place, we muſt be  pure, if it be Spiritual, we  muſt Spiritual, or elſe we can't  Enjoy Heaven, Yea if god be  Holy, we muſt be holy in order  to ſerve him here and in the world  to Come, or in other words, to En­ joy him in this world and in  the World to Come —  we are ready to Conclude, that
a poor Begger, in his filthy,  Ragged Garments, is not fit  to go into the Kings Palace  and to Serve him there, and  we Shou'd not ^like^ a Swine, in his  filth to Dwell in our Houſes;  so an unholy Man is no mor^e^  fit to [illegible]Enter into Heaven, the  Habitation of God, —  And therefore we muſt be holy,  and god has found out a way  for us to become holy,. and  it is by being in Chriſt —  Now if any man be in Chriſt  he is a New Creature, old  othings are paſsed a way,
and behold all things are  become new — —  In further Speaking upon  theſe words I Shall Endeavour  to Show by the Help of God —
1. What it is to be ^in^ Chriſt —
2. Such are new Creatures
3. to Such all old thing are  done away and all thing  are become a new —
1. Then what it is to be in  Chriſt — to be in X is to be  united to him by a living  
  Faith, in other words,  to believe and receive JX  as he is offer'd in the Goſpel  to be the only Sutable Savi­ our, to rely upon him  for what he has done  to ^be^ in XJ, is to have the  Image of JX reinſtampt in  us and to have his Spirit  ^in^ us, Yea to be in Chirſt  is to have Chriſt Dwelling  in us, and we in him —
2. They yt are in Chriſt  Jeſus are new Creatures  
  they are Created a new  in Chriſt Jeſus, they dont  donly have Names but  have new Diſpoſiſtions—
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