Sermon, 1 Timothy 6:12, 1766 July 13


abstractOccom's sermon on the text 1 Timothy 6:12: Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and has professed a good profession before many witnesses.

handwritingHandwriting is clear and legible.

paperSmall sheets are larger than those contained in other sermon booklets, and are in fair-to-poor condition, with heavy staining and wear that results in a loss of text.

inkBrown ink is heavily faded in spots.

noteworthyA note reading "London July 13. 1766," has been added in a different, likely 19th-century, hand. This note appears to be the origin of the document's date.

EventsFundraising Tour of Great Britain

1 Timothy 6. 12

It is greatly to be obſervd, yt  Chriſtianity is compared, almoſt  to every Temporal Concern of  Man,   the Infinite Condeſention of  gad is to be Seen here in,  that he Shou'd Level his Lang^ag^  to weak Capacities 
and amongſt innumerable  Texts of Scripture our Text  is he herein Chriſtianity is ^fitly^ [illegible][guess: Com^d^]  to a warfare — now a warefare  is one of the greateſt ^Concerns^ of this Wor^l^d  and it is a great Concern in  a Kingdom, [illegible][guess: Ev]ery one is Concer^n^  in it or ought to be, —  So Chriſtianity ought to be ye  [gap: tear] [illegible][guess: gr]eateſt and univerſal Concern 
[gap: tear] [illegible][guess: of] all Mankind of all Ranks  and Degrees —  And Since the Holy ghoſt  has Compared his works to  our worldly Concerns, we  will Endeavour to follow his  Teachings, by Compareing  the Spiritual warfare with  Carnal warfare —  and here firſt, in a Carnal  warfare there is a Regular ^method^  to be taken &c  1 there muſt be a regular in­ leſtment, —  2 a Sodier yt inleſt Swears  a Leagiance to be true to  his King  3 he forſakes all [illegible] and ventu[gap: tear][guess: r]es  his Life in the Service [gap: tear] 
4 he has rite and title  to all the Proviſitions yt  the King has made for that  porpoſe &c ye army is beauty^ful^  5 he Stands ready to obey  all orders. Stands  and having underſtood his  Buſineſs he is ready to fight  at the word of Command —   his Enemies mny and Crafty  and therefore he ought to watch  his Enemies are Chiefly theſe  the world the Fleſh and  the Devil &  and there Some Certain  Seaſons when theſe Enemies  are Buſy 
1 So as we have heard yt  there is a ^Spiritual^ warfare,  and have you Inleſted yr  Selves, how long Since  you have been in this  Sevice,— what Victories  have you obtained —  if you are the fighter,  be Couragious, fear not  the faces of your Enemies  follow your Captian whe  he gos have faith in  him at all times —  2 let them that have  never Inleſted u^n^der the  great Capt of our Salv­  [gap: tear][guess: ati]on be perſwaded to [gap: tear] [illegible]