Nathaniel Whitaker, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1766 May 29


abstractWhitaker writes that Occom is recovered from his dysentary, and requests an account of all the money received from the London Commissioners. He reports on money already subscribed and on Mr. Penn’s gift, and hints at possible trouble to come from enemies of the design.

handwritingHandwriting is formal, clear and legible.

paperLarge sheet folded in half to make four pages is in good condition, with light staining, creasing and wear. A tear near the remnants of the seal results in a minor loss of text.


noteworthyOn one recto, it is uncertain to which organization Whitaker refers when he says "y.e Society" and so it has been left untagged (it is possibly the Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge). On two verso, it is uncertain to which Mr. Mosely Whitaker refers, Samuel or Ebenezer (it is likely the former), and so he has been left untagged. For more information on both, see the Person Index. Whitaker uses the Latin phrase “ubi est” (Where is s/he/it?).

layoutThe first page of the letter is on one recto, but the second page is on two verso not one verso. The third page is on one verso.

EventsFundraising Tour of Great Britain

  Revd & very dear B.r   
I am Still in good health.  thro ye great goodneſs of God, & So is mr Occom  tho' he is but juſt recovered from an ill turn of  the dyſcentary without blood [illegible]wch confined [illegible]three or  4 Days. I have, my D.r B.r, Seen much of the goodneſs  of God Since I have been here, & alſo of the working of  Satan. I now forbare Saying any thing to you of Some  of his old tricks for a certain reaſon, concluding you  will hear Something from other hands. O that we may  go on truſting & hoping in God, & quietly waiting for  his Salvation. I verily believe that God will appear  in his own time & way to confound all who riſe up a­  gainſt this glorious deſign. O pray much for me, for  I expect Shortly to arm for battle, unleſs the Lord pre­  vent, & I[illegible] can aſſure you I am not afraid to fight in this  good Cauſe eſpecially as enimies here begin, even before­  hand, to lick the duſt. I beg, my Good Sir, that you would  [illegible]Send me with all Speed, an authentick acc.t of all the  monies you rec.d of ye London Comſ.n & of all they did towards  m.r Occoms Education. It may be Something will open  here wch will give Some light — Mr Lane ^one of ye Society^ told me this day  that they remit very little below £1000 Ster. per An. to  their C––– ubi eſt !!!!!!! You can procure of Mr Shaw  of N. L. an acc.t of all M.r Occom hath rec.d of ye B––n C––  & let it be atteſted —Theſe things may keep me here a  little longer, but they will turn out gloriouſly by & by  The wrath of man Shall praiſe thee, &c. 
I can't Say how much Money is already Subſcribed, but  I believe about £1500 Ster. The faithful miniſters here  grow more & more bold in this Cauſe. Dear Mr Romain  on reading ye narrative was So affected that he could not re­  frain, & made a Collection in his Church of ^£^ 107 2.[illegible][guess: ſ]3 Ster.
It is evident the cauſe gains grownd by oppoſition, & all  will be got which ye Redeemer Sees beſt. It may be it is beſt  it Should yet live on its providence, & that his glory will  this way be more conſpicuous — his will be done — but Sho'd  I procure no more than wt is in hand & wt I have aſſurance  of, it will pay for my Coming, but I can't think but  much more will be done. Mr Penn hath given; how much  I can't Say — He Seems diſpoſed to encourage ^the School's^ it removal  into ye back Part of his Province toward fort Duqueſne.  or it may poſſibly be accommodated near Cohos; for  [gap: tear] Wintworth, who hopes for N. H: Governm.t Seems  [gap: tear][guess: desirous] of it. But where would you chuſe it? I tell here  [gap: tear][guess: but] 5 or 6 t^o^wnſhips would likely be Setled at once if  land could be procured on good tearms. But I wait  your Anſwer to former letters on this head. Some how  or other I have miſſed every oppertunity of Sending the  Bibles which I have procured. I think it beſt not to Send  you any Goods juſt now — Mr Whitifield will write you  by this Ship; he is poorly with his aſthma — mrs White  field gives much love to you & madam. I rec.d yours  of Feb: 12 laſt week — am grieved for m.r Smiths in­  diſpoſition. Pray git Mr Smith to declare what Mr  Forbes offered him laſt [illegible]Summer to engage wth the  B––n C.––– & write me well atteſted the Converſation  which paſſed between you & Mr Moſely about diſplacing  Mr Smith, & the vote of the board reſpecting his going  to another place; & how long the Indians at Onohoquaga  were neglected by the B––n C.–– & the State of their application to us laſt year   (turn over.) 
Perhaps you wonder why I aſk for So many things & So well  atteſted — but you muſt excuſe my telling you juſt now, You may  know here after. There is no news here — it is a time of general  health. Give much Love to all my dear friends — don't forgit  to pray for me — And allow me, my der Brother to Sub ­  Scribe my ſelf 
your unfeigned friend & Serv.t in Chriſt    Nathl Whitaker 
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To  The Revrd Mr Eleazar Wheelock   in   Lebanon   Connecticut 
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