Blackleach Burritt, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1766 March 27


abstractBurritt, reluctant yet undecided regarding Wheelock's invitation to become a missionary among the Indians, requests more information.

handwritingHandwriting is largely clear and legible; however, letter case is frequently difficult to decipher, especially with regard to the letter S.

paperLarge single sheet is in fair condition, with moderate staining, creasing and wear. There is some repair work on one verso along particularly heavy creases.

inkBlack ink is faded.

Rev.nd and worthy S.r 
I Reciev'd yours of March 12 wherin you Informd me there  was 3 Miſionaries wanting; to send among the Indian Tribes,  and you deſired me to take the Matter into Conſideration, to  se If I could find my Self willing to undertake such a work;  I have thought much about it since then, both Sleeping and wakeing,  I must Confeſs it appears a Greate Undertakeing, but a laudable  one for thoſe that are qualified: may God succeed you in Proſecuteing  the Affair, and qualify Labourers, and Send them into the Heathen  Country, and give them the light of the Knoledge of his son.  I am in GREAT MEASURE unqualified for such an undertak^ing^,  for it needs the Innocency Wiſdom of the serpant mix'd with the  Innocency of the ^dove^ in a Peculier manner. I but lately Come out of  College, and have not Studied Divinety long, and suſpect my  Kno^w^ledge in Divinety is not Sufficient; but If you cannot get  others, I dare not at preſent Say I will not undertake, for I know  that most men are backward to undertake in that Buſineſs,  God can work by weak means and oft times do's that the Praiſe  and Glory may Redound to himſelf. tis lamentable to see how the  Gospel is treated by it's Profeſsors, where tis freely promulgated, and  to think there are thouſands that are periſhing for lack of Viſion.  Pleaſe Sr to inform me (by the Bearer or the first oppertunity) in  theſe 4 Points. 1 whether the Indians Peteition for Miſionaries,  2ly, how they treat them, and thier Meſsaages, 3ly how miſionaries fare  as to shelter, food, and lodging, and 4ly how much you allow them, for I  have no money of my own to support myself with, If the Proſpect  of being uſefull appears Conſiderable, I feel my self favourably inclind  I am going home to see my Parents about it this week, I know not  how to Spend time to goo a Journey now, if I do I fear I shall not  be prepard for Examination this may Coming. if you  must have a Poſitive Anſwer before Election pleaſe Sr to  tell me if not I will Give you an Anſwer then, if you are^will be^ at  Harford, I beg Liberty being in hast to subſcribe myself your
Sinceer well-Wiſher and very Huble Servant  Blackleach Burritt 
PS pleaſe Sr to give my compliments to Sir Whelock your son,  and sir Kinne. Sir Potter & Yale send suitable regards to  Mr Whelock, and Compliments to Sir Whelock & Kinne  March 27 AD 1766 
Letter from M.r Blackleach.  Burrett. March. 27. 1766.