Nathaniel Whitaker, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1766 March 7


abstractWhitaker, in London, writes that he has received letters from Wheelock, and that Wheelock should take care with regard to where he sends letters and what he writes, so that the Society in Scotland does not appropriate the money Whitaker, along with Occom, hopes to raise. Occom is shortly to be inoculated for small pox.

handwritingHandwriting is clear and neat; there are some uncrossed t’s that have been corrected by the transcriber.

paperPaper is in good condition, with light creasing, staining and wear; small tear around remnants of seal results in minor loss of text.

inkDark brown.


noteworthyThe woman referred to in the first paragraph is likely Elizabeth James Whitefield, wife of George Whitefield. On two recto, the "Act" to which Whitaker refers is the Stamp Act of 1765. The letters “DV” (two verso, fourth paragraph, second line) are an abbreviation of deo volente, or God willing.

EventsFundraising Tour of Great Britain, Occom’s inoculation, Mason Land Case

  Revd & Dear Brother. 
Being at mr Whitefields laſt  evening a packet came to her (he being gone to Briſ‐ tol for [illegible][guess: -4] weeks) which coſt her [illegible][guess: 1ſ6] Sterling. She laid it  by; but taking it up, & reading, by By Cap.t Hunter, I  perceived it came from Boſton: on which I lookt on  the Superſcription & Saw it was Gray's hand, & gueſed  there were letters in it for me, & beged it might be opend  to which She conſented; & bleſſed be God that you Sent the  letters to us before you Sent ym to Scotland. You would  have diſconcerted our plan if they had not come here  firſt — pray let none Go to Scotland till you know I  am there & then direct them to me — & till then di‐ rect to mr Whitefield & leave ym open; for you  will See by a letter I Sent 'tother day, that the plan  we proceed on is different from wt was laid by ye board
How glad I am Mr Tiffany is to be with you, give  my kind love to him & his family; he is a dear man.
O how my heart is affected for you under the deviliſh  conduct of your Good people — Are they bewiched? —  But chear up, my Brother, I think God is making way for  your removal to a new Settlement — Send over to me  a memorial Signed by the beſt of your People, & mine  Si placet for Some good tract of Land, in York, Hamp‐ ſhire, JerſeyPenſylvania Maryland, or Virginia,  which will Suit your School beſt, & Say how much for  the School, & how much for the Settlers — Is not Lord   
Dartmouth raiſed up on purpoſe. If he keeps his place, I  Shall carry my point. He honoured us with mr Smith  by inviting us to his table Some time ago. He can procure  you any land you pleaſe. If it is within charter limits  you can be more certain of it; for in this caſe the Board  of Trad (at ye head of which he is) will write to the Governer  of that province, & he dare not deny to make a grant:  & if out of charter limits it may be obtained, but it is  not equally certain. However you Should pi[illegible][illegible][guess: tch] on 2 or  3 well choſen places, & Shew the advantages & diſadvan‐ tages of each &c & Send over as Soon as poſſible, let  Some be within, & Some without charter limits. It muſt  be granted to you & your heirs & Aſſigns in truſt. i.e. what  is for the School — I Saw General Lyman a few days ago:  He Says he has great encouragem.t that he Shall succeed wn  the preſent ferment is over — But — I fear for him (inter nos)  He is well, & behaves well,(except [illegible] & riding &c)
Mr Whitefield & Smith have been labouring for you &  have made my work much eaſier, I now live within 10 rods  of mr Whitefield — He has his health much better than when  in America — I am diſcouraged attempting to git a charter  becauſe it is tho't it would cramp you (inter nos). The incloſed  you will read, Seal & forward— The Letters Sent, which are  for Scotland, & they will not do to Send, as you will eaſily See by  the plan we perſue, an account of wch I Sent you in my laſt, & is  this, To turn all into your hands — for none here will give the Scots  Board; & mr Whitefield & Smith think that it will be So in Scotland  too among all ye religious; [illegible] & beſides Should I make a large  collection, ^that^ ye Society in Scotland would demand it. You muſt  therefore write all your letters without mention^ing^ my being ſent  by the board — I will write a letter to morrow to mr Whitefield &  aſk him if it is not beſt to tranſcribe your letters & leave out   
thoſe part which will claſh with our general plan & Send  them forward: but they will not do to go as they are.
I hope you will receive the letter I Sent a few days ago  which will inform you of I know not what jumble that  hath been among us, & how I got here &c. &c. &c. &c. Perhaps  this moment the houſe of Lords are tuging, Some to Save &  Some to deſtroy America — I told you in my laſt yt ye Act was  repealed, but it was not true, it yet labers, tho it hath paſſed  the lower houſe, & it is beyond doubt it will paſs; but as mr  Lane told me to day, It is of two evils chuſe the leaſt. Your  firmneſs only hath Saved you — O take care to rejoice So as  to caſt no contempt on ye Parliamt or Shew any triumph  over it — for this will loſe all your friends here. —
We had a pleaſant paſſage of 6 week & landed 200  miles from London which we rode in 3 days. Lord Dartm[illegible][guess: h]  hath opened a Subſcription & put down 50 G[illegible][illegible][guess: u]nees &c.
O my B.r God is good to us — mr Occom takes th[gap: tear][guess: e]  Small pox DV. next monday — he behaves well, is no[gap: tear][guess: t]  diſpoſed to help maſon — O pray for me & him — O  for a humble empty heart — you may be Sure of my  Stidy friendſhip — Give love to [illegible] dear Madam, Children  School & friends — pray Send the Belt & other Indian  rarities, What if Dolphus Should bring them. I Shall  not Leave London Some months — Give love to my family  I hope you will try — May God be with  your Spirit —
from your   Nathl Whitaker    E Wheelock
From Rev.d N. Whitaker  March 7. 1766. 
To the Revd  mr  Eleazer Wheelock  in  Lebanon  Connecticut