Eleazar Wheelock, announcement, 1766 February 20


abstractWheelock writes an announcement for publication stating that both the reports of Good Peter's providential arrival at Wheelock's home, and the narrative of Occom's life, are true.

handwritingInformal handwriting is mostly clear and legible; however, letter case, especially with regard to the letter “S,” is difficult to discern.

paperSingle sheet is in fair condition, with moderate staining, creasing and wear.


noteworthyThis document is likely a draft.

signatureWheelock signs the document several times, once in Occom's name.

Whereas there is a Report Spread abroad that the meeting of Gwedelhes  Agwirondongwas (by the Engliſh called Peter) &c of Onohoquagee,  and M.r Eliſha Gun, Interpreter at the very Inſtant when the  Board of Corriſpondants were coming together, at my House  March 12. 1765. was by Some previous Notice or appointment  and not So providential, and remarkable as was repreſented  in the public Prints. I lake this Opportunity to inform the  Publick that the Repreſentation made of that matter was the  Truth; and in every Circumſtance as remarkable, to the full,  as was repreſented; nor did I ever know or hear of anyone  who had the leaſt thought or Expectation of such a Meeting, or  that there ever had been any Endeavors used to procure it. or  that ^any one of^ either Party had any Expectation of meeting the other at  that Time. 
Certified by  Eleazar Wheelock 
And where as it is reported that the world have been imposed  upon by the Repreſentation made that M.r Sampſon Occom an  Indian Miniſter, was bread a Heathen, ‘till he had arived near  or quite to the State of Manhood. I do now certify the publick  of the Truth of that Matter by giving you his own account of  it which he Sent to me from Boſton, on hearing the falſe [illegible][guess: Re‐] ‐ports made of that matter and injurious Reports made of that  of that matter juſt before his Embarkation for Europe, viz.  “I was born a Heathen in Mouayauhecunnak, alias Mohegan  in New London — my Parents were altogether Heathens —  and I was educated by them in their heatheniſh Notions —  and though there was a Sermon preachd to our Mohegan  Tribe Some Times, yet many of the Indians regarded not the  Chriſtian Religion at all, but perſiſted in their heatheniſh  ways — and my Parents in particular, ^who^ were very Strong in the  Cuſtoms of their forefathers — They led a wandering Life up and  down 
down in the Wilderneſs, [illegible][guess: for] ^as^ my Father was a great Hunter  — and thus I lived with them ‘till I was ſixteen years old —  [illegible]after thi[illegible]s there was a great religious Concern in those  parts, in which the Indians ſhared — at this Time y.s ^extraordy [illegible: [guess: Stories]] gaind my attention &^ I began to hear  and think about the chriſtian Religion, and was under  great Trouble in mind for Some Time — I thought that  the Religion which I heard at this Time was a new  thing among mankind; and that they never had  heard of ſuch a way of Salvation before so ignorant  was I — and when I was seventeen years old, I got  a Hope in Chriſt — and as my mind was affected with the  things of Religion, I began to learn to read, though I  went to no School ‘till I was in my 19th year, when I  went to the Rev.d M.r Wheelock’s and spent four years  there, and was moſt of the Time in a very low State of  Health. This is a True account of that part of my Life  and Education.  Sampſon Occom 
Boſton Nov.r 28. 1765  and this account perfectly agrees with the account  what he has told me, and which I Suppose is well [illegible][guess: known]  to be true  [illegible][guess: Teſt.] Eleazar Wheelock 
This ^ſhort^ account of himſelf perfectly agrees with what he  has told me more fully told me. and it is what, I ſuppose,  is well known to be true.  Teſt Eleazar Wheelock   
[right]false Reports of Peters Coming  & of M.r Occom Rectified in the  public Prints — Feby. 1766.