Ezekiel 33:11 Sermon, 1765


abstractSermon by Occom on the verse, "Say unto them, As I live, saith the Lord God, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked; but that the wicked turn from his way and live: turn ye, turn ye from your evil ways; for why will ye die, O house of Israel?".

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Goſhen   Ezek — 33:11 
Turn ye trurn ye from  your Eveil Ways, for  why will ye, o Houſe  of Israel —
The Whole deſign of the  ^word^ of god is, to turn him ^a Sinner^  from Satan to god, from  Sin to holineſs, from the  Kingdom of Satan to the  Kingdm of god —
In Speaking to theſe words  I Shall endeavour to Show  Several particulars, that  are Implyd and expresſ'd in  this text —
It plainly Implys y.t  man as he is a Sinner by  Nature, is departing from  god, in his degeneracy he is  gone from his Innocency, has  loſt the Bleſsed Image of god  he is gone from his love to god —  he is departed from the Covenant  of god — he is gone far from the  Commands of god — He is 
Strayd from his obedience—  He is Gone from his Sweet  Devotions to god — He is gone  from the Delight of Prayer [illegible]to  god — from Praiſe — from a doration — from Thankſgivig  from Self Dedication and re ſignation — and as he is de‐ parted from god his Chief good —  he is now ptacing his Affection^s^  upon Vanity — &c — —
our text Implys, that as  man ^[below]˄^ is Departing from  god, He is in Deaths Road  the way that they go is the  way of Death to Soul & Body 
and they are not only in ye  way of Death, but are Spi‐ ‐ritually Dead, they are dead  to god, they have no activity  towards him in a way of Love  and obedience, yet activity  Enough and ^[below]˄^ Enough againſt  him, they are Dead to Com‐ munion and Enjoyment of  God, they are Dead to the wor- ſhip of god, they ^have^ no deligh^t^  ^in^ Prayer, either in Sacred Pri vet or Publick, if they atend  upon Some Religious Duties —  they are very Cold heavy and  Dead Exerciſes, —
they are dead to the Law of  god, that is, they have no  Sence of the Holineſs, Juſtneſs  and Goodneſs of God's Law, —  they are not Senceable, that they  are under Condemnation of the  Law of God, and that the Curſes  of the Law are out againſt the^m^  — They are So dead, the Thunders  of Mount Sinaih, acompanied  with Earth Quake, and Lighting  that flaſhes in their Conciences,  don't move them,— they are in  Such love with Sin they are drun^k^  and Stupifyed with it, and  they will go on in the Practice  of them, tho' god Says, in Plain 
plain terms the Soul yt Sins  Shall die, and again Curſed  is every one that Continues  in all things writen in the  Book of the Law to do there —  again Sinners ^yt^ will run the  Downward Road, they muſt  Die a Miſerable Death as to  their their Bodies and Souls  they muſt be caſt from the  Glorious Preſence of god —  and from every good, — to Hell  and to all Evil — to all Eter‐ nity — 
III our text expreſsly tells  us that Sinners Will their
own Death. why will ye die  Again they are Dead to  the Sweet Calls of the graci‐ ous Goſpel of Jeſus X  they have no Sence of the  amazing Condeſention  of god in Chriſt, nor the  way of Salvation in him  — They are Dead to Heaven  and Heavenly Things, the  Bleſsedneſs of Heaven —  They are Dead to Hell, ie,  They have no Sence of the  Torments of Hell &c —
God tells us, that Sinners  Will their Death, Why will  ye Die, Saith god, —  The way Which Sinners take  is the way of Death, and it  is their Voluntary Choice,  they are not force't to it by  god, and neither are they  Drag'd to by the Devil —  but it is their free Will &  act— Adam acted Volunta rily ^in^ what he did —
God expreſsly tells us  in our text and Context, that  he has no Pleaſure in the  Death of a Sinner, but yt  he turn and Live —  god wills the Life and Eter‐ nal Salvation of Poor Sinners  turn ye turn ye for why  will ye Die — God is Sincere,  Hearty, and Earneſt in his  Will, it is plainly to be Seen  and under Stood by word, which  is his Revealed will to the Chil‐ dren,— in particular his a mazing Will to Save Sinners —  ^is^ to be Diſcoverd in his Sending 
his Dearly Beloved and only  Begoten Son into this World  in a^mazing^ Manner as he Did —  god from Eternity ^willed make^ to man —  and he knew, Man woud Will  his own Death, But god Willd  his Salvation, and god Calld  a Councill in the Court of H —  upon his will, in the [illegible]Days  of Eternity, — and me thinks  here, we may Imagin to hear  the Eternal Jehovah begining  (the Heavenly [illegible]Hoſts being Si‐ lent and attentive) thuſ  my will is to make man  In our own Likeneſs and 
Image, — But I know he will,  Will his Death and Diſtruc‐ tion — But I will his Salvation  and Eternal Life, — But then,  the Query ^was^ Put to the Heavenly  Worlds — Whom Shall I Send,  who will go for us — me thinks  the Heavenly [illegible]Hoſts were Si‐ lent — — — They look upon  one another — unable to  Anſwer Such Important Queſ—  — Till at Lengt[illegible]h the Lam^b^  of god Stood forth and Anſwerd  the Eternal Queſtion, — Saying ^Loe I Come^  it is writen in the Volumn  of me in the Volume of thy  Rock of Eternal Decrees
I Delight to do thy Will O  God,— thy [illegible]Will be done—  Thy Will is my Will—  Send me, and I Will go—  here me thinks the Heavens  Shouted — Saying Worthy  is the Lamb, to take ^ye^ Book  and to Loſe the Seven Seals  thereof — and in the full‐ neſs of time God made man  and gave him Will —  his Will was to keep his  Commands for his Life  and happineſs forever — 
But man woud not keep 
god's but he took his own  Will, and Will'd his own  Death — But god reveald  his gracious Will to him —  Promiſd him a Saviour —  from ^yt^ [illegible]time he raiſd his  Servants the Prophets  riſing Early and Sending  them to Proclaim his will  go[illegible]od Will to the Children —  Concerning the Meſiah —  — And in the fullneſs of  Time he did Send his Send  his Son into this World  — he layd a Side as it 
it were the Robes of  Glory, took leave of Hea‐ ven & — Enters into this  World, with a Body like  our own &c ^was an Itenerant Prea^ch^^ — and was  here till he finiſh'd his grea^t^  work &c — — 
Improvement — 
Is it ſo as we have  heard, that man by naure  Strayd Creature and in a  way of Death, and is not  this Caſe with many of you  in the Aſembly —
Dolefull Condition — 
Yet hark [illegible] ye hear God  Callindg after ye to return  to him, — turn ye turn  ye from your Evil ways  and Querying with you —  for why will ye die ^[illegible]^ of O  Houſe of Israel, give^[illegible: [guess: r]]^ why  you Chuſe to Die, you yt  are of the Chriſtian Church  has not god done Enough  han't X Sufferd Enough 
han't you^r^ means Sufficient,  is not Heaven Deſirable —  and the Company of god —  and of Angels  and the Bleſsed Eternity  you old — Why — 
has not god been [illegible: [guess: S]] ending  his Dear Servant [illegible: [guess: to you]]