Susanna Wheatley, letter, to Samson Occom and Nathaniel Whitaker, 1765 December 31


abstractWheatley writes to Occom and Whitaker, sending her good wishes for their mission in England, and promising to assist their families left behind.

handwritingHandwriting is formal, elegant and clear.

paperLarge single sheet is in poor condition, with heavy yellowing, staining, creasing and wear. The condition of the paper leads to some mitigation of text. Some repair work has been done on heavy creases.


EventsFundraising Tour of Great Britain, Occom’s inoculation

Reverend Sirs 
I hope this will find you (after a pleasant  voyage) safe arriv'd at your desired Haven — You have  my most ardent wishes that almighty God will prosper and bleſs all  your undertakings, & lift up the light of his countenance upon you;  that you may have constant communion with him; that he may  guide & direct your every [gap: hole][guess: a]ction, & make you instruments in his  hands of advancing his kingd[gap: hole][guess: o]m & Glory in the world, and that you  may ^hereafter^ have entrance minister'd abundantly into his Everlasting King  ­dom — M.r Wheatley joins me in requesting an Interest  in your prayers, and my dear Sister & Children begs you will not  be unmindful of them ^also^ when at the throne of Grace — I hope  that God will open the hearts of his people in England that they may  liberally bestow of their abundance upon you — I am much  concern'd for your families in your absence, & shall endeavour to raise  up friends to aſsist them, & I hope God in his good Providence will  not be unmindful of them, but will inspire the affluent with  generosity towards them. — Please to give my love to the  Reverend M:r Whitefield & beg his Prayers for my self and family.   I am rejoyced at M.r Hancocks generosity towards you, & hope  you will find the other Owners of the Ship in the same desposition   I hope you will improve the first Opportunity of  informing of your ^paſsage [illegible] &^ reception in England — I conclud[gap: hole][guess: e]  with wishing you a safe return in Gods due time & am   
Your sincere friend & well-wisher   Susanna Wheatley 
P.S. you'd be kind enough to excuse my,  not writing ^a^ seperate Letter to each of you,  as time will not at present permit of it  the Veſsell being just ready to ſail, but I  hope each of you will write me — first Opp.o   I hope Almighty God will ſee  fit in his divine Providence, to carry M.r  Occum thro' that afflictive Distemper he  purposes to recive, in safety [gap: tear] 
[right][illegible] please to Direct your  Letter. to M.r John Whe^a^tley  Merch.t Taylor — In King street  Boston
From  Suſanah Wheatley  Boſton. Dec 31. 1765  Rec.d Mar. 7. 1766   
To  The Reverend[gap: hole] Meſsrs  Whiteacer & Occom   In   London