Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to The Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge, 1765 December 16


abstractThis fragment of a letter written by Eleazar Wheelock briefly describes Occom's skills and history as a missionary.

handwritingLetter is in Wheelock’s hand. Writing is small, slanted and crowded, with several deletions, all of which hinder legibility.

paperLarge sheet is in good condition, with light-to-moderate creasing, staining and wear.

noteworthyThe document is almost certainly a draft.C ontents are similar to those of 765617. Wheelock appears to be briefing the Society regarding Occom's possible activities in Great Britain. Notes on the bottom of one recto are possibly notes for a sermon or speech plans?. A trailer is added in another, likely 19th-century, hand.

EventsFundraising Tour of Great Britain

to take the care of a party of Indians at Muntauck on Long Iſland, who had been  through the Influence of Some wild Exhorters got into under the Inſtrictions  of the Revd M.r Horton your Miſsionery, ſent to them by your Board of  Corriſpondents in New Jerſey. but through the Influence of wild Enthuſiaſtical  Exhorters from abroad, these Indians had got into a moſt broken Diſtracted  State, which gave mr Occom an opportunity to ſhew his Prudence and ſkill  in managing Such people, for in a little Time they were reduced to an orderly  Behaviour, and their Wild notions corrected. he laboured there as a School  Maſter with Succeſs in the capacity of School Maſter & public Teacher a  number of Years 'till he was ordained by the Preſbytery of Suffolk County,  but the Small Pittance allowed him for his Support ^which I^ ſuppose was never  more than ^equal to^ the Extraordinery Expenceof his public Charecter. by which  means his Ab he was not able to obtain a Library, nor had he Time to  have profited much by it if he had had one. and thus his Abilities have  been all along Stemed, however he has done well in Several Miſsions  and is Well [illegible][guess: calculated] qualified to Edify his own Nation, and is by  all Who are capable of Judging eſteemd an Excellent Speaker in his own  Tongue. What a figure he will make in Europe I cant in a Scene So different  from that which he has been used to I cant tell, however I hope conſiderate  Gentlemen will make proper Allowances for his Education and Buſineſs of  Life Which has been that of a Teacher of Babes, even the moſt Ignorant  part of mankind, and not used to Speak publickly in engliſh, nor to calculate  Diſcourſes for Learned Aſsemblies.— but I need not inlarge.
The Rev.d Meſsrs Whitaker &, Occom [illegible] ^being able^ to gratify give You with  a more prticular acco.t of all our Indian Affairs than is convenient to  Eaſie to Write, and if I have ^already^ exceeded proper bound, [illegible][guess: alread] your Good­  neſs will diſpose you to accept for my Excuſe, that I have if done it [illegible]  only with a view to gratify you & to Teſtify that I am with greateſt  Duty and Eſteem. Hon.d Sirs, 
Your Moſt Obedient and  moſt humble Servant Eleazar Wheelock   
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to Socy in  Scotland  —fragment—  Dec. 1765. 
To the Honle Society In Scotland for Propagating  Chriſtian Knowledge