Samson Occom, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1765 December 6


abstractOccom writes Wheelock regarding arrangements for the trip to London, opposition to the fundraising tour, and his feeling of being called. He notes a mistake in Wheelock’s last Narrative.

handwritingThe handwriting is small, but clear and legible.

paperLarge sheet folded in half to make four pages is in good-to-fair condition, with light-to-moderate staining, creasing and wear.


noteworthyThe identity of the Chief Sachem and his wife mentioned on one verso is uncertain, and so they have been left untagged.

EventsFundraising Tour of Great Britain

Revd and Hond Sir 
We are yet in Boſton  and Mr Whetaker has concluded to Sail from here  with Capt Marſhell, the Same Ship that Mr Smith  of Boſton went Home in, and we expect to Sail next  Wedneſday or thirdſday, — the People here are very kind  they ˄ begun to make Preparations for our Voyge, and  I dont doubt, but they will get Proviſsions Enough,—  The Honrable Commiſsrs here are Still very ^Strong^ in their  oppoſsition to your Scheem, they think it is nothing  but a Shame to Send me over the great Water, they  Say it is to Impoſe upon the good People, they further  aferm, I was bro't up Regularly and a Chriſtian all  my days, Some Say, I cant Talk Indian, orthers  Say I Cant read — In Short I believe the old Devil is  in Boſton to oppoſe our Deſign, but I am in hopes,  he is almoſt Superannuated or in a Delireum — ^but^ I  dont thin[gap: stain][guess: k] he is worth a Minding — [illegible][guess: But] I hope  the Lord of Heaven will be with us and Aſsiſt us  in his own Cauſe, and in his Great Name and by  your Prayers we Shall overcom — o that god wou'd  give us grace and Wiſdom to conduct a right  before him and before all men,— I have a Stru˄gle  in my Mind At times, knowing not where I am going,  I dont know but I am Looking for a Spot of ground  ^where^ my Bones muſt be Buried, and never to See my  Poor Fa[illegible]mily again, but I verely believe I am  Calld of god by Strange Providence and that is E–  Enough, he will take Care of me if I do but put 
my whole truſt in him and he will Provide for  mine, I want nothing but the Will of god, to be  Wholly Swallowed up in it — I am very Sorry to  See a miſtake in your laſt Narative — it was the Chief  Sachem his wife and 3 of their Children and ten or 11 others  Came Down with Mr Kirkland, and it was the Sachem's  wife [illegible]2 of his Children and one more Died, while they were  down, I was at the Burying of the Sachems wife, and the  Nex Day Sir William Condoled the Death of the Queen in  a Solemn Manner according to the Indian Cuſtom — and  when the Solemnity was over, Sir Wm reintroduc'd Mr  Kirkland to the Sachem's Favour, ^&^ he Promiſ'd for himſelf  and for his People, to be kind to him — I am affraid Sir  W.m will be diſple^aſd^ and may make a handle of that miſs­  take againſt the Cauſe — I am glad to See Mr Cham­  berlain So Zealous but am Sorry to See his Zeal — lettle  too warm, I hope and pray that it may Cool a little  but not too Cold, Mr Chamberlain won't be diſpleaſ'd  with ^a^ Brotherly Freedom, he has the Same liberty, he  may Uſe it at ^any^ occation — Sir ^pray^ for us, and in per­  ticular for me, and I beg the Prayers of your  good People,— Sincer Duty to you & to your  Spouſe, and Sutable regards to the reſt; 
your   very humble Sernt  Samſon Occom 
To the Revd Eleazer  Wheelock 
From M.r Occom  Boſton Dec.r 6. 1765 
To  The Revd Eleazer Wheelock  at  Lebanon­ Connecticut