Samson Occom, narrative, 1765 November 28


abstractOccom writes a brief account of his life and education.

handwritingOccom's hand is clear and legible.

paperSingle small sheet is in good condition, with light staining, creasing and wear.


Since there is great miſs Repreſentations by Some Con­  cerning my Life and Education; I take this opportunity to  Inform ^give^ the World in few words, the true acount of my Edu  cation — I was Born a Heathen in Mmoyanhee[illegible]^u^nnuck  alias Mohegan in N: London. No^r^th America, my Parents  were altogether Heathens, and I was Educated by them in the^ir^  Heatheniſh Notions, tho' there was a Sermon Preach'd to  our Mohegan Tribe Some times, but our Indians regarded not  the Chriſtian Religion, they woud perſiſt in their Heatheniſh  ways, and my Parents in perticular were very Strong in  the Cuſtoms of their fore Fathers, and they had a wandering  Life up and down in the wilderneſs, for my Father was  a great Hunter, thus I liv'd with them, till I was Sixteen  years old, and then there was a great St[illegible]ir of Religion  in theſe Parts of the World both amoungſt the Indians  as well as the Engliſh, and about this Time I began  to think about the Chriſtian Religion, and was under  great trouble of Mind for Some Time, I thought the Religion  which I heard at this Time was a new thing among man=  kind, Such as they never heard the like before, So Ignora^nt^  was I — and when I was Seventeen years of Age I receiv'd  a Hope, and as I begant to think about Religion So I  began to learn to read, tho' I went to no School, till I  was in my nineteenth year, and then I went to the  Revd Mr Wheelocks to learning, and Spent four years  there, and was very weakly moſt of the Time; this is  the true acount of my Education,   
Samſon Occom 
Boſton Novr 28. 1765 
M.r Occcom's Acco.t  of his own Life  Boſton Dec.r 1765.