Isaac Dakayenensere, letter, to the Connecticut Board of Correspondents of the Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge, 1765 September 30


abstractOn behalf of the Oneida and Tuscarora chiefs, Dakayenensere writes to accept the Board's offer to build mills and instruct the Indians in husbandry.

handwritingHandwriting is somewhat uneven, yet mostly formal and clear.

paperLarge sheet folded in half to make four pages is in fair condition, with moderate staining, creasing and wear. Preservation work has been done on particularly heavy creases.


signatureSeven large signatures all appear to be in Dakayenensere's hand.

layoutThe first page of the letter is on one recto, but the second page is on two recto, not one verso.

noteworthyPersons whose names are illegible have not been tagged.

We thank you for the Care you take of  us, & that you have taken pains to write to us;  to let us know your . forwardneſs, & willingneſs to aſsiſt  & inſtruct us;
Many times when one or two determins up‐ on any thing, when others come to know it, it is over‐ thrown; therefore taking your Propoſal into Conſideration  & having a Mind that it ſhould ſtand ſtrong & not be  overthrown, we called a general Counſel, in which we  approved of your Propoſal of aſsiſting of us in building  Mills, & inſtrusting us in Huſbandry, & thank you, that  you have taken ſuch Care of us
Now concerning our Father Mr Smith who is here  preſent with us, we think we have nothing here yt  will tempt him to Stay & live with us unleſs he ſees  a Reformation among us; we hope that God in his  own Time will bring about a Reformation ſo, that he may [gap: tear]  be willing to Stay with us
What we have now written is the general  voice of us all, both we of Onohoquage, & our Brethren  the Tuſcaroras aſsembled in counſel illegible
God is above all, & if we are brought truely to  love & fear him, we ſhall not only be of one Mind in  theſe Affairs, but ſhall be united alſo in all others —
We ſeem at preſent to be in greateſt want of  a [gap: stain][guess: [ſaw] Mill, we deſire that that may be firſt built;  & if Stones can be found for the griſt Mill, & it ſhould  then appear beſt to have one, that that may be built next
Now Brethren we have told you the ſum of what  we have to ſay, yet if the great Man, our Brother, who ſits  at the head of Affairs ſhould not approve of what we  have done as we fear he will not, tho' you have a Mind  to aſsiſt us, & we deſireous that you ſhould, it will be, all  overthrown, which will make both you & us very ſorry   We We 
Blank page.
We ſend our Love to you & remain   
your Brethren  iſaac dakayenenſere  yaywe kadiyorha  Adam waoonwano^ro^n  [guess: O]ye[guess: a]ſ kaniyode  ſeth otyoywawayon  [illegible]erek kano^ka^r[illegible]e  [guess: Rotho nonſawede]  ^[right]}^ Cheifs of  the Oneydas   & Tuſcaroras  upon Suſquchan nah River   
To  The Revd Mr Eleazar Wheelock  of  Lebanon    New-England   
[right] From the Chiefs of the Onei‐ daes and Tuſcaroraes to  the Board of Correſpondents  September 30th 1765