Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to Isaac Dakayenensere and Adam Waonwanoron, 1765 August 19


abstractWheelock notes that he is pleased to hear the Indians want to build a mill and practice husbandry. He also recommends Jospeh Woolley as a schoolmaster.

handwritingHandwriting is informal, small and tightly spaced, with several deletions and additions.

paperLarge sheet folded in half like a book is in good condition, with light wear and staining.

inkDark black-brown, the ink bleeds through to opposite sides.

noteworthyGiven the amount of deletions and additons, this is likely a draft. There is a partly illegible note added after the trailer in a different, likely 19th-century, hand; this note has not been transcribed. The identities of "David" and "Peter" are uncertain and so they have been left untagged; however, it is likely that they are David Fowler and Gwedelhes Agwirondongwas (Good Peter).

My Bretheren, 
Yours of July 31. I received yesterday & I am  very glad to underſtand that the Indians hope intend to  cultivate their Lands, and that they deſire ^to have mills & to be^ helpd in ſetting  up Huſbandry. but am Sorry to hear of your Diſa­ ­pointment, and of the Miſunderſtanding that occaſi­ ­oned it. — which was by means of an unſkilful  Interpreter — I underſtood by Joseph Woolley  that the Reaſon why he had no more Boys to teach  laſt winter was becauſe the chief man did not  favour it [illegible][guess: who][illegible: and] tho't it not beſt to teach them Eng­ ­liſh ^and^ I had underſtood before that ^the Indians^ they did not  ſeem to be much diſposed ^to^ practiſe Huſbandry. —  and when I talked with Peter & David I Repreſented  to Peter and David the ^great importance^ Neceſsity of ^it^ to the Indians  ^if they wod^ I told them ^I would do all I could to help them & that^ I did not Doubt but the Engliſh would  aſsiſt them in Building Mills, getting Tools, and  [illegible] teach the Indians to use them and also  set up a Blackſmith Among them &c. I See  they liked it well but I did not know that  the Reſt of the Indians would. And I expected  [illegible] ^they^ would Send me word before I did any  thing about it ^for that I have waited forever since^ — I sent for the Men that morn^as ſoon as I recd y.r Litter^  -ing, which[illegible: [guess: whom]] I had tho'ts of Implying ^they came this morning to ſee me^ but the Maſter  workman who ^is a very good man is^ [illegible][illegible][guess: well] got into a poor state of  health, and not likely to be well enough very ſoon  and also his Son is not well & is juſt going to ſea for his   
health. If [illegible]I had known what I ^now hear from you^ 4 months ago they  would likely have been ^with you^ about y.e ^[illegible]^ before now.  however ^the chief workman^ deſires M.r Smith & M.r Gun would  look ^out^ for a Suitable place ^for the mills^ and See if they can  find ^suitable^ [illegible][guess: the] Stones for a Griſt mill and also Send  me word. Whether they can ^find^ a good Place to be  found and how far, ^they muſt^ go for the ſtones &c and  also where the Irons may be had whether nearer to you than Albany  And they both will be ready to come ^to you^ as Soon as  ſoon as the ſeaſon and their Family State will  allow of it. provided that M.r Smith and M.r Gun  ſhall write me that which is incouraging, ^reſpecting the Place^ that  the Indians Deſire still deſire it. —  #If you like ^him^ Joseph Woolly for your School Maſter  and will build him a House and fence him a Lott of  Lands ſo that he may keep a cow or two which may  give milk in the Spring, that will help these men to  live while they are about your work. —  #Joseph Woolley is ^accounted^ a very Honeſt Young man, and  is well accompliſshed to teach Young Children I hope  the Indians will be very kind to him —  I am Glad to hear of your kind Reception of  M.r Smith I hope y.e Indians will ^Love him much^ [illegible] [guess: receive] & treat  him as Gods Meſsenger to you.
I give My Love to you and all among  the Indians Who Love our Lord Jesus Chriſt 
And am   Your Brother  Eleazar Wheelock 
Letter to Isaac Dakayenen­ ­ſereDakayenen­ sere. and Adam  Waoonwanoron  at Onohoquagee  Aug.t 19. 1765 
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