Joseph Woolley, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1765 July 22


abstractWoolley writes that he has been taken very ill, and updates Wheelock on the whereabouts of other charity school students.

handwritingHandwriting is small and loose, yet clear and formal. There are several uncrossed t’s that have been corrected by the transcriber. The trailer is in an unknown hand.

paperLarge sheet folded in half to make four pages is in good condition, with light-to-moderate staining, creasing and wear.

inkInk is heavily faded to a light grey-brown.

noteworthyOn one recto, when Woolley mentions "the 2 Abrams," he is referring to Abraham, and Abraham. On two verso, there are random calculations written over the address; these calculations have not been transcribed. There are upward slashes scattered seemingly randomly on the document.

  Rev.d & Hond Sr. 
You may well know by  the firſt Sight there is ſomething of the  Matter with me &c. —
The Lord Allmighty hath been pleaſ‐  ‐ed by his Sovereign goodneſs to lay me in the  Bed of Sickneſs; whereby I have been wholly diſabl[illegible][guess: d]  to help myself— However at this Time I am able  to ſit up for [illegible] a fue Minutes; improving, the lit‐  ‐tle Strength, yet remaining in writing to you.,
I arrived here the 9th of this Inſtant, & the  Miſsionaries about the 7th.
I tried to go to Onohoquage the next Day  but returned with good Peter the ſelf same Day  meeting him about 6 miles from the Town.  ^[left]July 11th.^ I was unfortunately taken very Ill, together  with a very high Fever, but the Fever is now [illegible]  gone, & left me Weekneſs. Bleſsed be God I am  revivid from the Raking Pain.
I affrighted poor Mr Smith, he thout I had  the Small Pox, becauſe I had told him I had  ^[left]been^ where People had been ſick & died with it, and  that was the Reaſon we could ^not^ ſee him at  Johnſon-Hall.   
At turns, O Mr Wheelock I felt ſome Sweetneſs!  and the Love of Jeſus Chriſt which ſeem‐  ed to take the Anguiſh of my Pain.  My Heart would ſeem to run out after him  & O how ſeewt it felt at ſuch Times!
Mr Smith & Gunn & Moſes are gone to  [illegible][guess: This] ^Lake^ where the Indians are, Mr Chamberlain  & Hezekiah — & John to Onoyeda, the 2  Abrams & Peter at Kanajuharee Keeping  School, but poor me left alone here.  We don't expect to go to Onohoquage  'till about 4 Weeks.
I am here lying at expence I shall  come very Short of Money. if I don't feel  better nor worſe I shall endeavour to come  Home very ſoon. I have no more to ſay.  I have now loſt my Senſes Duty   
from your very unwarthy  Servant  Joseph Woolly. 
[left] Joſeph Woolley's Letter  from Chery Valley July 22d  1765. which he brought with him
Blank page.
To The  Rev.d M.r Eleazer Wheelock  Connecticut