Minutes of the Connecticut Board of Correspondents, 1765 July 2


abstractMinutes record the vote on several issues pertaining to the fundraising trip to Great Britain, and on Jewett’s letter clearing Occom’s character of the charges against him.

handwritingFormal handwriting appears to be that of Nathaniel Whitaker.

paperSingle small sheet is in good condition, with light staining, creasing and wear. The upper left-hand corner is torn, but the tear results in no loss of text.


noteworthyPlease note: the first three paragraphs, dealing with plans for the fundraising trip, have been crossed out with large x’s. To improve legibility of this lengthy section of deleted text in the diplomatic version, and to preserve this text in the modernized version, these paragraphs have not been tagged as deleted.

EventsFundraising Tour of Great Britain, Jewett Controversy

At a meeting of the Correſpondents in the Colony  of Connecticut July 2.d 1765. at the houſe of ye Revd mr  Wheelock of Lebanon Voted 
That the Rev.d[gap: omitted], go to england to So­  licit charities for the School under ye care of the Revd mr  Wheelock & of Miſſionaries as Soon as may be, & that  the Committe of this Board make out recommendations  for S.d 
That the Revd mr Wheelock go to General Johnſon  to obtain his favour & influence to obtain a grant of  Lands for this School; & to obtain a charter from the crown  for S.d Schoole & recommendations for him [illegible] of the de­  Sign of going to urope to Solicit charities for this year  the Support of this School & miſſiſſions 
The Revd mr Jewet laid before this board a Letter to the hon­  ourable Comſſ.rs of Boſton to clear mr Occom's character as was  agreed at ye meeting of this Board in March laſt; [illegible][guess: &] ^wh^ the board  accepted ^as Sufficient to that End^ the Same as Suitable; & [illegible] exhorted both [illegible][guess: to come to]  to take care to maintain peace & brotherly love; & that mr Occom  take pains to conciliate the Indians to the Revd mr Jewet as fast as  circumſtances will admit, & that he attend his lectures as often  as he can without prejudice^ing^ to the cauſe. the Deſign of Such   [illegible] a Conciliation. 
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