Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to William Livingston 1765 May 13


abstractWheelock updates Livingston about the resolution of charges against Occom, and requests assistance in securing passes for missionaries going among the Indians.

handwritingHandwriting is informal, yet mostly clear and legible. There are, however, several additions and deletions, and letter case is frequently difficult to decipher.

paperLarge sheet folded in half to make four pages is in good condition, with light creasing, staining and wear.


noteworthyThis document is likely a draft.

EventsMason Land Case, Jewett Controversy

  My dear Sir. 
Sometime Since the Date of my laſt, Yours of 6th  March came to hand; in which you breath forth that ſame  ſpirit of Frendſhip towards the Sinking Cauſe of Zion  which has hitherto animated all your Endeavours for  her Proſperity.   I am truly affected with that Party Spirit & Bigotry  which So Sadly diſtempers your City. and am ready to ſay  Strange it Should be ſo in Such a quarter ^&^ at Such a  Time o’ Day. but alaſs! well were it for the Nation if  that Evil w[illegible]aſ confind to You! but ſo far i[illegible] ^it^ from that,  ^is y.e caſe^ that [illegible]by all accots, you have but faintly decypherd the  true Spirit and Genius of the Leading part of the Kingdom  at the preſent day. and So it is (which is enough ^forever^ to quiet  us) that Zions King, and Head, on whom She and by  whom She ^has^ livesd and will live through all Storms, has  ſeen it Neceſsary and beſt for her all along that ſhe  ſhould be more or leſs under Preſsures. and bleſsed be  his Name her Tribulations & Tryals are for glorious  Purposes, and but for a Limited Time. —   M.r Occom has been Slanderd in this Government, to a  great Degree, inſomuch that a public Proceſs againſt  him before our Board of Commiſsrs was thought ne[illegible][guess: c]ſsy,  ion which Tryal he made [illegible][guess: a] Defence much to his Honour  and appeard clear in all the Articles alledged againſt  him. Excepting that he was blamed (only on account of  his Miniſterial Character) that he ^had wrote &^ Signed as a wittneſs,  with his Tribe, to the Truth of, a Repreſentation made  of Some things relative to the Maſon Affair. which he  fully 
fully and freely R[illegible][guess: ela]ted ^confeſsed^ as being Raſh and unadviſed,  ^imprudent & sinful /^ as it ^needleſly^ expoſed him to [illegible] the Diſpleaſure of the  Publick and thereby injured his usefulneſs — He now  ſtands in a good Light before this Board. Yet it ſeems  they will not let him above. but I hope God will  in due Time vindicate his cauſe   I inclose Several votes of this Board by one of  which You may See the Amount of the Subſcriptions  in Hebron And in this Place.   But that ^ſir^ which more Eſpecially occaſions you this  Trouble is the neceſsity we ſtand in of a renewed in‐  ‐ſtance of your Friendſhip & kindneſs towards our Indian  Deſign. We Suppose it to be in the Power of Gen.l Gage  to grant ^to our Miſsrs & School Maſters^ them ſuch a paſs, or Commiſsion, or whatever  it may be calld as may [illegible][guess: grant] not only warrant them  in the performance of their Miniſterial work; and much  Serve for their Protection therein ^where they are going.^ but, also without  Injuſtice ^or Injury^ to the Crown, be of Service towards their ſup‐  ‐port, when they are within reach of the Kings Stores.  This Favour was readily granted to M.r Occom by genl  Amherſt and he found great Benefit by it in his Miſsn  ^[left]ye Revd^ M.r Williams of this Town has at the Deſire of our Board  wrote Genl Gage Soliciting this Favour ^for these^ and has deſired  ^[left]Honle^ Willm Smith Esq.r to joyn ^with^ You to inforce the Same. and  if your Endeavours Should be Succeſsful pleaſe to make  Return by the Poſt as ſoon as may be.  The Names of the ^n[illegible][guess: e]w ordained^ Miſsrs are Titus Smith. and Theoph.s  Chamberlain. and of the Indian School Maſters. David  Fowler, Joseph Woolley & Hezekiah Calvin. and of the  Boys appointed to Serve as ushers under the Conduct  and direction of the Miſsionaries. are Abraham 1.mus 
Abraham 2dus. Moses. Johannes. Peter. & Jacob Fowler.  We have also appointed M.r Occom to a Miſsion a‐  ‐mong the 6 Nations provided he ſhall not accompa  ‐ny M.r Whitefield, or M.r Charles Jeffry Smith; or ſome  other who may be appointed by us to Europe.  pleaſe [illegible]   I am Senſible of have underſtood that you are ^very^ full  of Buſineſs, and am afraid be being So free a Beggar  as to ^be^ burden [illegible][guess: fully Free] to You, if that be the caſe pleaſe  to hint it to me. and pleaſe to accept ^without reſerve^ & be aſured yt I am   I am dear ſir with Sincere ^much Reſpect and^ Eſteem.   
Your Obliged &  very Humble Servant   Eleazar Wheelock     
To Will.m Livingſton Esq.r  May 13. 1765. —