George Whitefield, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1765 May 11


abstractWhitefield writes to request an account of the school and its finances while he attempts to build support for it. He suggests that Wheelock be the person to accompany Occom on the fundraising trip to Europe.

handwritingHandwriting is clear and legible.

paperLarge sheet folded in half to make four pages is in fair condition, with moderate staining, creasing and wear that results in a minor loss of text.

inkBlack-brown ink is somewhat dimmed by the condition of the paper.

signatureThe letter is signed with initials.

noteworthyOn two verso, a line of text intersects the address, written in a different hand. It is uncertain to which organization Whitefield refers when he mentions the "board of commissioners," and so it has been left untagged. However, it is likely the Connecticut Board of Correspondents of the Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge.

EventsFundraising Tour of Great Britain

  My very D.r Friend   
I have just now  been conversing with Your Son & hope before my  intended Embarkation from Hence to make a publick  Collection in favour of Your Indian school — Previ‐  ous to that I expect a letter from You giving an  Account of the present situation of Your affairs,  Your Arrears &c &c &c — You will lose no time in answer‐  ing this — Mind not the expence of postage — M.r  Forfett writes me word that D.r Gifford hath  succeeded in some attempts for the promoting  Your design — but M.r Hardy approves of no de‐  sign so much as my bringing Occum — What if  You Yourself are with Him? ^Thou art the Man?^ You know best   
how to manage Him and others that may goe with Him—  You can give the best & most satisfactory answers to all  questions that might be proposed, & the school ^may be^ left to  the care of M.r Whitaker under the inspection of the board  of Commiſsioners for One Year — M.r Rogers is likely to  be settled at New-YorkM.r Brainard is going to be  married, & I think is not properly qualified for such an  Embaſsage — You can best speak for a Child of Your  Own, & I can have the most confidence in You, and  recommend You most earnestly to my Friends — [gap: tear][guess: The]  Voyage may do Our bodily health some service — If we  die (as they call it) in the way, going to heaven by water  may be as pleasant as going by land — M.r Smith's going  at this time from Boston may be of singular service  and a letter from General Johnston get more — When  God intends a thing   Wheels encircling wheels shall run   Each in course to bring it on—   
I have found it so in respect to my Georgia affairs — You  will join in crying Grace! Grace! Fail not answering this  immediately — but say nothing publickly about the in‐  tended Voyage of O–m — I cannot embark under a  month — This Tabernacle totters by long fatiguing jour‐ nies — but Jesus hath made the wilderneſs to smile, and  own'd my feeble labours — That He may own and bleſs  You more and more is the earnest prayer of, my very  D.r Friend, 
Ever Yours &c &c in [gap: tear]  failing Emanu[gap: tear][guess: el]  GW   
ps—  Brethren pray for us 
from Rev.d G Whitefield  Philad.a May 11. 1765. 
To  The Revrd M.r Eleazar  Wheelock  if Providence Shall lay no embarſment in the way