Ebenezer Little, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1765 March 1


abstractLittle updates Wheelock on sundry goods, and suggests that Occom's presence in Newburyport would help the Design.

handwritingInformal handwriting is small, somewhat scrawling and frequently very difficult to decipher.

paperLarge single sheet is in good condition with light staining, creasing and wear. A tear from the seal results in a minor loss of text.

inkBrown ink varies in intensity.

noteworthyDue to the extreme difficulty of discerning Little’s hand, the transcribers have used their discretion with regard to letter case and spelling.

  Rev.d & Dear Sir   
I recd your fav[guess: e]r of [guess: December] with [guess: Sunrdy] Coppys of  Letters (return you thanks for your good wiſhis) which  give Great hopes that the Set time to fav[guess: e]r  the [illegible] Nativs is come —  I Sent you laſt [guess: December] by way of Boſton (m.r Peck [guess: care])  [guess: Sundry] goods as youll [guess: [guess: s]e] pd invoyce which our people & m.r [guess: Lowels]  gave as we [guess: priſsed] them amounting to be little beter than £40  lawfull I hope youl have rec.d them before this their  [guess: wares] put up the begining of Decembr but ye cold hindered ye  veſil Saling for ^a^ long time —  if Re.d mr Ocom Should come with you it would  I belive Serve the cauſe very much the objectns  Revd mr Whitiker [illegible][guess: mentioned] when hear againſt his  coming I dont think are of waite: peaple hear are  very deſirous of his coming: the Site of him would due much  much more & to hear ye Goſpel prech.d by an Indian miniſter  I am much pleſed with Peter hope when he comes to your  School you will keep him till he has Learned ye bible it may  be of great Servis as then he may preach to his countrimen ye pure Goſpell  in their own Language —  pleſt to give my Respects to him & tell him I [guess: deſirig] his prayes  for me & mine & Gods people hear: I wish he mite come with  you & Mr Ocom. pleſt to tel him God has dun Greete things  for ous hear laſt year & his Bleſed Sprite is yet Striving, with a  goodly numbur one Soul gives [illegible][guess: abundant] evedence of being ^born^ of God laſt  monday eveng at prvate miting.—  I Conclude with my Respct to you mr Whitker mr Ocom [gap: tear][guess: you &]  Spauſe Son & famuely & who[illegible]le School intrate you to Rember us  I wish you much very much Suckces in your Great  undertaking rejoise to See it profte. I belive it will  more & more: when you & mr Ocom & Peter comes  pleſt to come rite to my houſe & make it your home 
I remain Rev.d Sir your friend & Humble Servend  Ebenezer Little     
from Mr Little  March 1st 1765. 
To  The Revd Mr  Eleazer Wheelock  In  Lebanon  [guess: Pr]  [illegible] mr Moſes Peck Boſton