Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to David Jewett, 1765 January 19


abstractWheelock writes to ask Jewett to help settle the dispute with Occom.

handwritingHandwriting is largely clear and legible.

paperSingle sheet is in good condition, with light staining, creasing and wear.

inkBrown ink is somewhat faded.

noteworthyAs noted alongside the signature, this document is a copy.

signatureSignature is abbreviated

EventsJewett Controversy

  My Dear Sir. 
It Seems to me that the publick Reports of Mr  Occom are Such that the Honour of God, the Reputa­ ­tion of the Commiſsioners Under Whose care, Direction  and Inſpection he is his own Good, and his Usefulneſs  in the World require that they Should be publickly enqui­ ­red into. and I have been diſcourſing with Brothr  Whitaker and we both conclude that you are moſt  fully knowing to the truth of the thing, Reported to his  and our Diſadvantage, and that you will be beſt  able of any man to Set the Matter in a true Light  and produce Wittneſses to Support the Several Facts  and that it muſt therefore be Your part to form [illegible][guess: ar­]  ­ticles & lay them into the Board with the Evidences  to Support them, againſt him. and accordingly  we deſire you to do it, in Which M.r Whitaker Will  afford you any Aſsiſtance in his Power. pleaſe  to let M.r Occom be Seaſonably [illegible][guess: Served] with a Copy  of the Same, and Suitably Notified of Your taking  Wittneſses againſt him that he may not have Oc­ caſion to complain in that Reſpect — and pleaſe  to have all ready by the Next Meeting of the Com̅iſsrs   which will be about 4. or 5. Weeks hence.  pleaſe to accept moſt Brotherly Salutation  from 
your Affectionate Brother  and Hum.le Serv.t  Eleaz.r Wheelock   
Copy —  Rev.d D. Jewett 
Letter to M.r D. Jewett  Jan.y 29. 1765.