Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to John Brainerd, 1765 January 14


abstractWheelock writes to Brainerd about setting up a meeting with the Connecticut Board of Commissioners, and the proposed fundraising trip to England, which is complicated by a renewal of the Mason Land Case.

handwritingHandwriting is informal, which somewhat hinders legibility. There are several deletions, additions and abbreviations.

paperLarge sheet folded in half to make four pages is in fair condition, with moderate staining, creasing and wear.


noteworthyAs is indicated on two verso, this document is a copy. On one recto, there is a note in a different, likely 19th-century, hand that reads “(not [illegible] in life of J. B. n.a.)." There is also a mark in red pencil.

layoutThe first page of the letter is on one recto, but the second page is on two verso, which is in landscape orientation. The trailer is on one verso, the address page is two recto.

EventsMason Land Case

My very Dear Brother.   
I have been writing and Endeavouring to  have a meeting of the Com̅iſsrs above a month, but  the Snow is So Deep on the Roads that there is no  poſsibility of it at preſent, wherefore I have preferrd  A Memorial to your Board of Com̅iſsrs in my own  Name deſiring they would Send you with another  Indian [illegible]a begging for this School & the Support of  Miſsionaries next Spring. and I make no Doubt but  our Board will approve of what I have done and  chirrfully comply. but Supposing the worſt that they  will not Joyn the Conſequence will be that your Board  will have the lead and Conduct, & Sole Patronage of the  affair of Sending Miſsionaries & School Maſters. but  there will be no difficulty the Commiſsioners here  are generally in high Spirits to promote and further  the Deſign —
I think I mentioned to you my tho'ts of taking one  Chamberlain a valuable youth in his Laſt Year at  Yale College into this School, with a view to fit him for  a Miſsionary. he is now come to me with that view, &  I believe the Com̅iſsrs will think beſt to Send him with  M.r ^Titus^ Smith next Spring his Age, Scholarſhip, Prudence,  and Piety, I think will invite them to it beyongd any  other I now know of y.t may be had. —
I[illegible][guess: ']ve heard nothing of My Son Since he left N. Haven  Preſid.t Clap writes me, yt. he had concluded to receive  him on his return which I am glad of and rather hope  all things Conſidered that they will not perſwade him  to tarry at Naſsau Hall. I want to hear what he  ha[illegible][guess: d] met with at Philadelphia
I was very glad to receive yours from New York, and of  the Intelligences therein given. I thank you ſir. The 
The Blow which M.r Whitefield gave this School in Sending M.r Occom  back from New York was beyong any it has received from the firſt  I find our Government are So inſcenſed thereby ^#^ that I fear I ſhall find  no further Countenance in my Suit for an Incorporation which they  Seemd juſt upon the Point to grant me. and which we ſhall find  to be of very great Importance If you Should go on the Errand  proposed — and which is the very thing which he inſiſted upon in  order to ^his^ useg Influence in favour of the School at Home.  It will not be beſt that any Mention Should be made of M.r Occom's  going with you. It is doubtful whether our Commiſsrs will think it  prudent to Send him Since there are Such Jealoſies in the Government.  and Since Maſon is gone home to Sollicit the old Maſon Affair as it  is calld wherein M.r Occom's and his [illegible]Tribe are Plantiff againſt the:  Government. —* You See in What Hurry I write, ^in [illegible][guess: haſt]^ The Lord direct  us all to act for the Glory of his great Name and Fartherance of  the Redeemers Cauſe. accept Arm-fulls of Love from 
Your Brother &c &c &c  Eleazar Wheelock    Copy.    Rev.d Jn.o Brainerd.   
[left]# [gap: tear][guess: ie ^by^] what was in  Conſequence of it.
[left]*I wiſh you could be here at M.r  Smiths ordination next Spring I will  Endeav.r to let y.o know when it will  be—
To Rev.d John Brainerd  Jany. 14. 1765. 
To The Rev.d  M.r John Brainerd Miſsionary   In   New Jerſie