Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to Solomon Williams, 1764 December 31


abstractWheelock writes to suggest gathering the Board of Correspondents in order to discuss sending Brainerd to England with Occom.

handwritingInformal handwriting is small and occasionally difficult to decipher.

paperSmall single sheet is in poor condition, with moderate creasing and heavy staining and wear.


noteworthyThis document is possibly a draft.

EventsFundraising Tour of Great Britain

  Rev.d & Hon.d Sir.   
I wrote you Some Days ago, proposing  whether it would not be expedient to call a meeting  of our Board of Com̅iſsrs to conſider whether they we will  not agree to invite the Board of Corriſpondents in  N. York & Jerſeys to Joyn with us in Sending M.r  John Brainerd with M.r Occom to Europe ^next Spring^ to ob‐ tain Contributions for the Support of this School, &   Miſsionaries. and also to Settle the Affair of  M.r Titus Smiths Miſsion next Spring, and ^his^ Ordina ‐tion preparitory thereto and also to come to ſome  Determination reſpecting the Sending Several  School Maſters. &c &cI
But ^I^ have heard nothing from you of the Affair. and  it appears to me of neceſsity if any thing be done  ^[left]by us^ in the Affairs of Sending Mr Brainerd &c, that it  Should be done ſoon, otherwill we Shall not  [gap: tear] them (and him ^eſpecially)^ Time enough to prepare for 
[gap: tear] Sir to let me know your mind by a Line  [gap: tear] and if you think favourably of the Proposal I ſhould  [gap: tear] be glad you would appoint the meeting as ſoon as  [gap: tear] may be convenient.— which with Sincere Reſpects  [gap: tear] the needful, in haſt from, Sir   
your unworthy Brother and  Fellow ſervant  Eleazar Wheelock    Rev.d So. Williams ^[right]NB.^
N.B. Since my laſt of this import I have Sent  Several Times, and once by Dr Loomis of Stafford  who told me he was going to M.r Williams House,  for an anſwer in y.e Affair but by Some  Providence I know not what am prevented  receiving one hitherto. which I note leſt I ſhould  be blamed for neglect. 
To M.r Sol.n Will[gap: tear]ms  Dec.r 31. 1764.