Samson Occom, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1764 September 8



abstractOccom is determined to set out on his long journey despite a scarcity of funding, and leaves his house and other business to be done upon Wheelock’s credit. He informs Wheelock that he has hired Mr. Peabody of Norwich Landing to get the materials that his house requires, and to hire hands and pay them. He notes that his family needs clothing and provisions.

handwritingHandwriting is bold, clear and legible.

paperLarge sheet folded in half to make four pages is in good condition, with light-to-moderate creasing, staining and wear. Heavier wear along creases, and tear near remnants of seal result in no loss of text.

inkDark brown.

noteworthyWheelock writes a lengthy note on two verso.

EventsBuilding of Occom’s house, Fundraising Tour of Great Britain

Revd Sir
I am Sorry you cou'd'nt get at Leaſt Some Money for David, it looks like Preſumption for us to go on long Journey thro' Chriſtians with­out Money, if it was altogether among Indian Heathen we might do well enough— But I have determined to go, tho' no white Miſſionary wou'd go in Such Circumſtance^s^ — I leave my Houſe and ^o^ther Buſineſs to be done upon your Credit, and it will be Dear Buſineſs in the End,—if I had hired one good Capenter and four other good Hands, any Houſe woud have been forwarder than it is now, so the Beſt Judges tell me — I have Impower'd Mr Peabody of Norwich Landing to act for me to Cary on my Buſineſs, by vertue of the Paper you Put into my Hand, he is to get all the Meterials that my Houſe will require, and to Hire Hands
and to pay them at any Marchents who will except and truſt to your obligattion,— Beſides all ^I^ have Said my family now wants Cloathing — and proviſsion they muſt now have, or my Buſineſs Can't go on — I have lately heard there is Salt meat enough at the Landing to be Sold — In a ward I leave my Poor Wife and Children Y at your feet. and ^if^ they hundger ſtarve and die let them [illegible]Die there — Sir I Shall and endeav­our to follow Your Directions in all things—This in utmost haſt and with
Sincere obedience, is from  your Good for  Nothing Indian  Servant Samson Occom
Blank page.
This Letter came to Hand Sept.r 8. 1764. and is the firſt Intelligence I have had that his Building was not conducted prudently & suc­ceſsfully & without much coſt. it is now [illegible] ^Friday^ Evening and next monday morning I am to Set out on a Journey to milford. & my Ingagements are Such as cant be diſpenſed with Mr Occom Sepr 1764
To The Revd Eleazer Wheelock at Lebanon